A Tiny Forest planting session
A Tiny Forest planting session

Thousands of trees are being planted by volunteers across Lichfield and Burntwood next week.

They form part of the Tiny Forests project to develop 72 tennis-court sized green spaces in urban spaces.

They are being created via a partnership with Severn Trent and the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games.

The sites will be at St Michael’s Road, Mesnes Green, Burntwood Park, Redwood Park and Eastern Avenue.

Cllr Doug Pullen, leader of Lichfield District Council, said:

“We are absolutely delighted to have been chosen to host five new Tiny Forests as part of this initiative.

“Council officers and local councillors worked closely together to identify suitable sites and successfully put forward our case to bring all of the benefits associated with Tiny Forests to our area.

“To be allocated five sites for Lichfield district is a great achievement. Not only will they bring enjoyment to residents in their local neighbourhoods, these Tiny Forests will also play an important role in nurturing wildlife in Lichfield district.”

Cllr Doug Pullen, Lichfield District Council

It is hoped that the forests will play an important role in supporting environmental education across the Midlands.

So-called citizen scientists will be invited to help collect data and assess the benefits of the Tiny Forest in their area, including carbon absorption, flood management and biodiversity.  

Severn Trent’s forest delivery manager Ricky Dallow said:

“It’ll be fantastic to be on site and see the community spirit as we help Lichfield plant their five Tiny Forests, which will equate to around 3,000 trees.

“These Tiny Forests will be popping up across the West Midlands in the coming weeks and months and will not only help to deliver a legacy for the games but also increase access to green space in urban areas, benefiting both local communities and nature for generations to come.”

“I hope that local residents, community groups and schools come forward to take up the opportunity to participate in the planting days and in looking after the Tiny Forests into the future.”

Ricky Dallow, Severn Trent

Further information on volunteering for upcoming planting days in Lichfield and Burntwood can be found online.

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  1. I am pleased that these initiatives will help wildlife and improve the ambiance of local areas. Green spaces are absolutely essential for our feeling of wellbeing.
    One caveat (sorry!)… Any thoughts that this will in any way offset global warming is misguided. It is a misconception that what we do at local level makes a difference. Unless governments take immediate and radical steps to do really positive remedial actions then the future is grim. The human species is sitting on the branch of its existence …. and cutting through it!
    One ten hour jet flight uses tens of thousands of gallons of fuel. There are millions of such flights every year.

  2. Just to augment what Philip wrote. All our little initiatives are as nothing unless governments fall to be replaced by ones with the future of ALL humans as their goal, not enriching a few or enslaving many. All the current parties in the UK, bar perhaps the Greens and NIP, are to blame for their past and current failures.

  3. Just a note to counter Philips assertion – Whilst I get his point, and understand the need for national and international action, I strongly disagree that local action is pointless. Granted, it may have little direct impact on CO2 levels at a global level – but most democratic governments are influenced by the wants and desires of the voting public. A public that is demonstrably apathetic about a subject creates no political pressure for change.

  4. @Asselus aquatius… there is the danger that business interests and self serving governments will coerce the populations into believing that the problems are being addressed and that they are helping. Any real remedy is unlikely to be popular. Plenty of international meetings (25 annual global ones so far) but any progress?
    The problems are of such a magnitude that they are very difficult to comprehend. I don’t think the government really thinks the environment is a vote winner, or that their short term of office will render them accountable.
    Interestigly, sales for foreign holidays are at an all time high.

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