A councillor has called for more action to ensure a road in Burntwood is gritted during spells of cold weather.

Gritting lorry. Picture: Elliot Brown

Cllr Paul Flanagan, Labour representative for the Chase Terrace ward, told a meeting of Burntwood Town Council that Stables Way had previously become gridlocked due to ice.

He said that only the action of residents had prevented a crash at the site during a recent spell of poor weather.

Cllr Paul Flanagan
Cllr Paul Flanagan

“Stables Way is a major thoroughfare through the west side of Burntwood, but in more than 20 years since it opened it has never been included on the Staffordshire County Council gritting schedule.

“At the beginning of December, ice meant that the road was gridlocked with lorries, coaches and cars sliding down the road.

“It was only dealt with when local residents began spreading grit to help avoid accidents.”

Cllr Paul Flanagan, Burntwood Town Council

Cllr Sue Woodward, leader of Burntwood Town Council, said the county council had been asked to consider adding the route to the list of those gritted during poor weather.

“I’m very much aware of these problems and it is completely bizarre to me that new roads which are being built across the county aren’t immediately assessed for inclusion on the gritting schedule.

“However, having asked for an assessment last year, I’m pleased to report that the Highways Department now finally have the relevant data and are ‘hopeful’ that the road will be included because of both its topography and the volume of traffic it carries, including HGVs.

“We must continue to press for this to happen, though, rather than wait for hopes to be fulfilled – and that’s certainly what I’ll be doing.”

Cllr Sue Woodward, Burntwood Town Council

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  1. Not just stables way, how about Highfield road between Boney Hay Road and Rugely road ? Each end of this road gets none or very little sunlight and are always glazed over with ice, strangely Rugely Road and Hunslet road never seem to be short of a grit wagon

  2. I’ve been asking for the County Council to do a proper job of gritting the roads and filling the grit bins for residents in Burntwood every year for at least the last four years.

    Residents in Squirrels Hollow, in my own ward and many others across Burntwood have great difficulty in safely accessing their own streets when the weather is icy.

    So far I have had just the same old generic response with no acknowledgement of the issue. The County Council simply appear not to care.

  3. They don’t care about schools, social care, road conditions…….their plans for the Chase are questionably commercial……..who DO they represent?

  4. Lebanon road chase terrace, badly needs gritting in the ice and snow, can’t get up the hills either side unless you’ve got a 4 wheels drive

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