A councillor says Lichfield’s MP should “clear off” after a war of words broke out between the two.

Cllr Alastair Little
Cllr Alastair Little

Cllr Alastair Little resigned from the Conservatives over claims of Downing Street parties.

The member for Hammerwich with Wall at Lichfield District Council also called MP Michael Fabricant a “fawning backbench embarrassment” after he spoke out in support of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Michael Fabricant
Michael Fabricant

But the Conservative MP then said Cllr Little was “a professional quitter” – a move which saw fellow councillors defend his decision not to seek re-election at Staffordshire County Council.

Mr Fabricant said:

“Fortunately he does not represent a ward in the Lichfield Parliamentary constituency and is not my constituent.”

Michael Fabricant MP

But Cllr Little said the MP’s comments demonstrated his lack of knowledge of the area he represents.

“It’s a pleasure not being a constituent of his as I do get responses from my MP.

“I may live in Stonnall – part of rural Tamworth but in Lichfield district. Maybe Christoper Pincher MP would now like to join the debate and give his view of Michael Fabricant’s comments? I will write to him soon.

“The area I represent is 90% in Fabricant’s constituency, however he has to type the postcodes into his SatNav to realise where it is within his area.”

Cllr Alastair Little, Lichfield District Council

Cllr Little also said his decision to leave the county council had been due to changes in his personal life.

“I did not stand again for Staffordshire County Council as I became a dad.

“I was chairman of the pensions committee at the county council – a job I did not quit. But a pension is something Michael should perhaps start taking.

“I also have a real job – a professional one in economics. I view being a councillor as a role of representing and one that needs real morals, principles and values.

“Although I may have previously supported Fabricant, he may need to go the same way as Boris and clear off.”

Cllr Alastair Little, Lichfield District Council

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  1. Fabricant doesn’t know the way to North Lichfield, you have no chance of him finding Stonnall

    Well done and well said Cllr Little

  2. Receiving abuse from Michael Fabricant is something I would add to my CV with pride! I can see Cllr Alastair Little that you haven’t changed – the Conservative party have! Good Man!

  3. I watched the TV interview with Michael Fabricant and squirmed with embarrassment at his creepy defence of the prime minister. The reaction of the interviewer said it all. I do not vote Conservative and this just shows why.

  4. “SAVE BIG DOG”… If this is the real nature of British politics? To protect a discredited Prime Minister by any means. It seems obvious that Fabricant is part of this mission together with the morning interviews where politicians divert from the subject with a well rehearsed diatribe of other policies. And diversions to bury the subject.
    It is difficult to assess what the future holds for politics when trust has been lost. Our democracy needs re-formatting and better safeguarding introduced.

  5. The education minister has said Boris will not and should not resign as he has done nothing wrong,there are a lot of sweetners coming for back bench MPs such as TV licenceing. Lichfield voters will lap it up it would seem most are simple

  6. I think, the real disgust toward Fabricant isn’t that he’s propping up a crap Conservative (it’s not about political parties to me); it’s about the fact he’s choosing to defend someone who has consistently lied, misled Parliament, misled HM the Queen, engaged in murky loans, had affairs with multiple women, has 7 kids with different partners….the man is a complete train wreck of a personality. I wouldn’t leave him in charge of a pet, let alone a G7 country.

    I’d vote for whichever Labour or Tory candidate represented my own values (why wouldn’t I?) but, after this, I could never bring myself to vote for Michael Fabricant again. His actions over the last week or so, have been utterly embarrassing for us poor constituents. We need strong leadership not strong brown-nosing for his own benefit. For heaven’s sake man – REPRESENT LICHFIELD FOR ONCE!

    Some people have little or no shame.

  7. The “fawning backbench embarrassment” is annoyed because Cllr Little appeared on both the BBC news website and the local news thereby stealing the media spotlight. We all know that the “embarrassment “ loves to be the centre of attention and gleefully announces his appearances on Twitter and shares his appearances on Facebook. Cllr Little inadvertently stole his thunder.
    Cllr Little’s description of Fabricant has proven to be very accurate in the last few days and clearly the truth hurts. Fabricant’s accusation is totally rubbish given that Cllr Little stepped down from Staffs CC to be with his family, and who would begrudge him that? Only an out of touch and embittered old man, who clearly treats his constituents with contempt and trolls those who dare to criticise him?

  8. Mr Fabricant’s has not consulted widely regarding his support of the Prime Minister which, on the face of it, is not mandated by his constituents; many of whom believe he is failing us.

  9. I see Fabricant is now putting far more energy into GB News than he is to his constituency. He really is desperate for a regular gig with them when he finally gives up all pretense of being an MP which I’m guessing will be at the next election.

  10. How can Michael Fabricant spend so much time on GBNews?? He’s on pretty much everyday – sometimes twice a day.

    It’s never about Lichfield either, it’s always about propping up dodgy Boris.

    Is it too much to ask for him to spend some time on constituency business?

  11. Nobody told me…
    There’d be days like these
    Boris Johnson lying about Downing Street parties
    But all our mp can do, is appear on g beebies
    Strange days indeed.
    Most peculiar fabbo. Go!

  12. It is unlikely our parliamentary constituency will not elect a tory. The best way to oust Mr Fabricant is for our local conservative party to select a different candidate to stand at the next general election. This is a justifiable action as Mr Fabricant’s claims that he is not receiving adverse comments about the Prime Minister appears to be incorrect.

  13. If, as Debbie has said, Michael Fabricant claims he is not receiving adverse comments about the Prime Minister, he is being, just like his leader, economic with the truth. I have written very adverse comments about the Prime Minister to Michael Fabricant and even had a reply from him defending Boris Johnson.

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