A councillor has been defended by his colleagues after being criticised by Lichfield’s MP.

Cllr Alastair Little and Michael Fabricant MP
Cllr Alastair Little and Michael Fabricant MP

Cllr Alastair Little had described Michael Fabricant MP as a “fawning backbench embarrassment” in a statement confirming his decision to quit the Conservatives in the wake of reports of parties at Downing Street.

The Lichfield MP hit back at criticism from the now independent member of Lichfield District Council on social media:

“Cllr Little, who has criticised me, is a professional quitter who has spent the last couple of years resigning from every position in council due his lack of ability.

“Fortunately he does not represent a ward in the Lichfield Parliamentary constituency and is not my constituent.”

Michael Fabricant MP

But members of Lichfield District Council have spoken out following the Conservative MP’s statement.

Labour’s Cllr Dave Robertson – who previously stood against Mr Fabricant in a General Election – said residents deserved “more than this level of petulance”.

Independent member Cllr Joanne Grange said:

“Alastair didn’t stand for re-election at Staffordshire County Council when his term was up – not ‘quitting’, just not standing again.

“At Lichfield District Council he is one of the more vocal, able and hardworking councillors.”

Cllr Joanne Grange, Lichfield District Council

Labour’s Cllr Rob Birch added:

“Cllr Little showed more integrity in that one act than the MP has shown in his entire career.

“He did not quit Staffordshire County Council, he just didn’t stand for re-election because he had a young child to raise and wanted to dedicate more time to that important task.”

Cllr Rob Birch, Lichfield District Council

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  1. I did not stand for SCC as I become a dad – an enjoyment and time commitment. I was chairman of the pensions committee at SCC – a job I did not quit . A pension is something Michael should maybe start taking.

    I may I’ve in Stonnall – part of rural Tamworth but in lichfield district . Maybe Christoper Pincher mp would now like to join the debate and give his views of MF comments. I will write to him soon.

    It’s a pleasure not being a constituent of him as I do get responses from my MP.

    The area I represent is 90% in fabricants areas however he spends on 1% his time typing the postcodes into his sat nav to realise where it is within his area.

    I also have a real job – a professional one in economics. I view being a cllr a role of representing and need real morals, principles and values. Fabricant had a pension and although I may previously have supported him may need to go the same way as Boris and clear off.

  2. If this is an example of how the Conservative party are behaving towards their own, then goodness knows what’s happening in Westminster.
    Just grow up, you’re behaving like children in the playground. Rather than levelling up GB, behaviour like this from the ruling party is levelling down.

  3. @Michael Fabricant: “Cllr Little, who has criticised me, is a professional quitter…”

    Better than being a professional liar, eh, Mr Fabricant!

  4. Lichfield deserves better than Fabricant. Cllr Little had the courage to break ranks and walk away from the stinking mess the PM is responsible for. Fabricant doubles down doing his self promoting nonsense anywhere he can drivel on uninterrupted, you are an embarrassment to Lichfield

  5. Cllr Alastair Little, don’t take it too personally. Michael has taken the party line of considering all his supporters to be right wing extremists.

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