Members of Lichfield City Council are set to decide whether to push ahead with proposals to increase council tax bills for local residents.


The authority wants to raise the precept – the city council’s share of the overall bill – by 2%.

It will mean an average band D household would see an increase of £1.35 a year.

A report said costs going up meant the rise should be considered.

“The budget has been prepared on the basis of maintaining existing service provision and to reflect inflationary pressures that are likely to remain high throughout 2022/23.

“There are, however, opportunities for savings and the potential for income levels to return closer to normal, depending on the continuing Covid situation and associated consumer confidence.

“It is therefore proposed that the average Band D council tax increases by £1.35 from £67.41 to £68.76, increasing the council’s income via the precept by approximately £19,000.”

Lichfield City Council report

The move will be debated at a meeting at the Guildhall on Monday (24th January).

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  1. The council tax we pay to lichfield is already difficult to find. £2349. 00 is not a small amount when you are on a pension

  2. Before they start what about electric car charging points in the city ,there are a paultry six avaliable and at present the four in Bowley park are out of use .

  3. That great a rise in Council Tax, LDC will have more money to waste on grandiose schemes which fail to come to fruition.

  4. With all the new homes currently being built and those recently built , the council are getting extra revenue and shouldn’t need to increase the rates.

  5. Pamela I agree with you especially as the triple lock was abolished and pension increase is about 4%when inflation is just under 6% this morning

  6. The council gets enough money from all the New houses that are built and being built
    What about the shopping center we are still waiting for and what about oti facilities that Lichfield desperately need

  7. Is this sum inclusive of any Staffordshire County Council increase or that of police services and, of course, welfare services.
    While on the face of it the sum mentioned seems moderate, the overall increase could be much more than this.

  8. Empty pockets, please be aware this is the City Council, Not Lichfield District Council, that has yet to come, so by the time we have that you will have holes in your pocket

  9. Why ?? When we less less services for our money. They want more recycling and go about it the wrong way, wanting us to do their work for them again. We pay for brown bins to be emptied and they don’t !!

  10. Just to back up Woody’s comment above, this is about the precept for Lichfield City Council – not Lichfield District Council. Parish councils (which would include Lichfield City in this case) get about 3% of the total council tax raised.

    The above figure works out as an increase of a bit less than 12p per month. I really think there are bigger financial pressures to get worked up about.

  11. I totally agree Anthony Towler. I live on the streethay development and I have to pay a private company for the up keep of it. LDC gave planning permission for x amount of homes to be built, but they don’t wont anything to do with it , so I pay LDC council tax ( like everyone else) and on top of that the company aswell. And I bet there price will go up this year !

  12. Debate on a rise??

    I’m disgusted they aren’t offering a rebate Lichfield is going to the dogs.

    Long gone is the city I loved

    What a shame

  13. Don’t forget we also pay the £36 extra per year for the Brown Bin which used to be included within the Council Tax years back, so add this on the total as well. Still think the “supposed” reasoning behind this was and still is unfounded. So NO, we do not need an increase in the charge especially as others have noted the increase in house building in the area.

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