Residents are being reminded that the removal of restrictions does not mean the Covid pandemic is over.

The warning comes from the leader of Staffordshire County Council after the Government confirmed the removal of Plan B measures, including working from home guidance and the removal of face masks in classrooms.

From 27th January, Covid passes will no longer be compulsory for events and face coverings will not be legally required in any settings.

Cllr Alan White, leader of Staffordshire County Council, said rates of coronavirus remained high across the region.

Alan White
Alan White

“The announcement means that once again we will all be able to see less restrictions on our lives, but this does not signal the end of the pandemic once and for all.

“We have all seen how quickly the Omicron variant changed the situation and it is up to all of us to remain vigilant and move forward step by step, when it is safe to do so.

“Thankfully, cases have fallen sharply, but in Staffordshire they are still very high, so we must still do what we can to limit the risks, especially as the current restrictions are lifted.

“Key to this is still following the basics like washing our hands regularly, letting in plenty of fresh air into rooms, taking extra care when meeting people we don’t normally mix with and self-isolating if testing positive, as these all help reduce the spread of the virus.”

Cllr Alan White, Staffordshire County Council

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  1. No doubt Mr White is jabbed along with the rest of the sheep
    Looking forward to a mask-free time again (not that I wore one anyway)
    Let’s treat Covid like the nasty cold it is and live with it

  2. Lichvegas.

    We had a female sparrowhawk in the garden today feeding on a woodpigeon. Pity the photos weren’t good enough to post. On the matter of your reply, it might be better not to feed a troll.

  3. People I know died from the ‘nasty cold’. I wish you could take the time to speak to actual scientists and not conspiracy theorists in an echo chamber. I will continue to wear a mask to protect others, even though exempt from asthma.

  4. It occurs to me that the change in the collection of statistics has led to lower reported cases. Very difficult as you do need reliable information on the progress of contagious diseases.
    The pandemic has become politicised and that has had a significant impact on people’s attitude to it. There are still many unknowns and the virus is still capable of causing great harm and death. While not being paranoid, it is still sensible to treat it with respect.

  5. @Professor Pineapple – wow, it’s something to see, isn’t it? I’ve seen a female sparrowhawk picking the last few bones of a carcass clean on our garden fence. At Five Ways Island in Birmingham I once saw one killing a pigeon on a patch of grass a couple of feet away from me. Dozens of people were walking past in all directions, one or two took photos and one guy started filming it on his phone which I thought was slightly weird. The sparrowhawk was totally focused, as if none of us were there.

    About the troll thing, you are right, injudicious of me to engage. I think we can be proud that our city is nearly 90% vaccinated.

  6. It seems to me the lifting of restrictions is part of the desperate flailing of a sinking Prime Minister looking for any straw to clutch to save his premiership. The pandemic isn’t over by any means. 359 deaths yesterday. There is no basis for lifting the very mild measures currently in place, such as wearing face masks, which do not impede economic activity. Some people are just too vain to wear one.

  7. One of the enduring features of the pandemic has been the spreading of misinformation by libertarian loonies, who bang on about their human rights whilst being happy to deprive others of theirs. To describe COVID as a nasty cold is deeply insulting to all who died or suffered, but that doesn’t stop the loonies, who really don’t give a toss. Do we have a local Piers Corbyn in our midst?

  8. @Carl sholl : As a nhs front line worker I can’t wait to ditch the face masks. After wearing one all day long I am just about ready to scream at the end of my shift.

  9. This Tory government has gone past making decisions on scientific advice, it’s now political. Boris the buffoon has lifted restrictions to keep his rebellious backbenchers happy and cling onto power. Remember that 99 of them voted against the plan B measures in the first place, and they only went through due to support from Labour, who obviously have more sense of social responsibility. We are now in the ridiculous position of being advised to continue precautions, when there is no legal requirement for them. It will now be a free for all, and a surge in infections is almost inevitable. Whilst the current COVID variant is thought to be less serious, although the jury is still out on that one, it is far more transmissible, and there will be vulnerable people who will be badly affected, and many who may die. Well done Boris, I hope you enjoy your remaining days in power; many of us won’t.

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