Lichfield’s MP has been criticised over comments he made about claims from a Conservative colleague about intimidation by party whips.

Michael Fabricant
Michael Fabricant

Michael Fabricant took to social media to describe William Wragg’s words as “nonsense”.

The Greater Manchester MP had earlier said those Tories who were suspected of trying to oust Boris Johnson from Number 10 had been threatened with funding cuts for their constituencies.

He also urged Conservative colleagues to go to the police if they felt threatened.

But Lichfield MP Mr Fabricant said the suggestion was “nonsense”.

“I believe it is wholly improper of William Wragg to misuse his position as chairman of a Select Committee to make unsubstantiated claims against the whips as part of his long-standing and well-known vendetta against Boris.

“If I reported every time I had been threatened by a whip or if a whip reported every time I had threatened them, the police wouldn’t have any time to conduct any other police work.

“What nonsense from William Wragg.”

Michael Fabricant MP

But Mr Fabricant’s comments drew criticism for rival MPs and public figures.

Labour MP Stella Creasey
Comedian Richard Herring
Former MP Dr Phillip Lee
Stewart McDonald MP
Former England rugby international Brian Moore

However, other Conservative MPs also questioned the claims, with

Workington MP Mark Jenkinson said he had not experienced threats despite clashing with party whips.

“I have not been the most loyal of backbenchers at times and have been through what the whips would deem ‘the wrong lobby’ a number of times.

“I have never hidden mum intentions to do so from the whips and so have had many conversations – often fraught and sometimes impolite on my part.

“I can categorically state that none of those conversations have ever involved threats, implicit or explicit, towards me or my constituency regarding funding, releasing stories or anything of that ilk.”

Mark Jenkinson MP

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said that he had seen “no evidence” of intimidation.

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  1. Just go man. You demean your electorate every day with your fawning sycophancy.
    I realise Lichfield & Burntwood will likely vote for a Tory mp next time.
    Please will the local Tory members vote for a sensible candidate, I’d take Cllr Pullen for example.
    (I would love Cllr Grange to stand though, she’d get my vote 100%).

  2. Johnson on Blackmail:

    I’ve seen no evidence to support any of those allegations

    Johnson on Partygate:

    I’ve seen no evidence of parties

    Does he ever see evidence of anything?

  3. I notice Pullen has had nothing to say about Boris.
    Another one who appears to have no respect for Lichfield people who paid a big price for obeying the so called rules.

  4. It would be lovely one day. To see the words Michael Fabricant and something he has done to improve the lives of people in Lichfield.

  5. Is Mr Fabricant losing the plot? He says that allegations of threats are nonsense, then confirms that he has received them. Such threats don’t surprise me, as the system works by party whips persuading, cajoling and threatening MPs to toe the party line. It’s one of the things that make a mockery of our so called democracy.

  6. For many years Lichfield has been the cathedral city that no-one living more than fifty miles away has ever heard of.

    Suddenly we are above the radar, as the place that has elected Michael Fabricant, dubbed the idiots’ idiot by a national newspaper, as MP for twenty years.

    One understands that having a Waitrose nearby adds £20,000 to house values. How much does having a Fabricant as MP reduce them?

  7. How much longer are we going to have to put up with the “idiot’s idiot” as MP for the city of philosophers? This city once had the courage to elect a superb labour MP Silvia Heal; is there a hope that the electorate will have the same courage at the next election?

  8. I would just love to know what the whips have on Fabricant to get this unwavering creepy loyalty.
    He should concentrate on getting us some more medical facilities, we need additional GP services

  9. “Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said that he had seen “no evidence” of intimidation.”
    Perhaps Boris should take a look at Michael Fabricant’s tweet. That appears to be evidence from the horse’s mouth.

  10. Just as the Premier League would be more interesting and exciting if players had to come from within 20 miles of the club they play for (ending the interminable domination of the super rich clubs), the same could apply to MPs. If MPs truly represented the place they lived in, they might stick up for their constituents rather than towing the party line. Our MP appears to have his main residence in Wales – far enough away to prevent his constituents bothering him.

  11. @Cllr Grange – ha! I can understand why you wouldn’t want to enter the cesspit of HoC!
    In all seriousness though, this area deserves to be represented by someone with integrity, who cares about their constituents, doesn’t pander to political masters and speaks their honest opinion.
    I can but hope we get that next time…I’m concerned we’re seeing our democracy failing in front of our eyes.

  12. Astonishing admission that he has used coersion (blackmail) in the course of his duty. Not that I’m surprised!

  13. The majority did not vote for Fabricant. The majority did not bother to vote at all. And therein lies a large part of the problem. Why that is, and what to do to improve things is a very big question.

  14. All the moaners on here need to wake up you all have votes use them if you want change or make do with what others choose people died to give you all votes wake up and stop moaning

  15. Not heard a lot from our MP over the last two days……..hmmmm. Although I have seen a lot about him in the press but the content has not been very flattering. Maybe that’s why he’s quiet, or perhaps the Tory Grandees have told him to shut up. We will never know from Michael what the truth is.

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