Crime levels and recruitment of new officers will be debated when police chiefs take part in a live-streamed meeting.

Ben Adams
Ben Adams

Chief Constable Chris Noble will discuss a range of issues with Staffordshire Commissioner Ben Adams tomorrow (27th January).

The debate – which will also examine a move towards a localised model of policing – will be streamed online from 1pm.

Commissioner Adams said:

“My role is to oversee the work of the police and fire & rescue services to ensure they are delivering the best possible outcomes for the people of Staffordshire.

“This meeting is about being open, honest and transparent so that our communities can hear directly from their Chief Constable on the issues that matter to them, and have confidence in the quality of the service delivered by policing here. 

“People can follow the meeting live wherever they are via the web, and it will also be available to view online afterwards.”

Staffordshire Commissioner Ben Adams

More details about the meeting and how to watch it live are available online.

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  1. More blah blah blah never see the police they are locked behind their steel gates and only come out when the sun shines to wonder over the fields or hide up with their camera cans !!!

  2. Mr mr your comments about the police are unfounded my grandson answered the call for 20.000 officers in 2020 he has just completed his 2 year training,I,m proud of him at least he s working not claiming. Before he joined he worked 10 years in zoology.

  3. Judging by whats gone on in the last couple of years in police forces across the country extra training on treating people with respect and empathy would be a starter.

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