Future generations cannot afford to pay for “blather and vacuous promises” on the environment from the Prime Minister, Lichfield and Burntwood’s Green Party chairman has said.

Climate change demonstration sign

Stephen Sanders made his comments in an open letter to Conservative MP Michael Fabricant.

In it, he said party politics must be put aside for the good of the planet.

“We are facing issues that transcend party allegiance – after all, they are likely to have dreadful impacts on generations to come.

“Johnson’s blather and vacuous promises on the environment, his clear inclination to support the extraction and use of fossil fuel, both at home and abroad, his distancing us from the environmental concerns of scientists of international standing have highlighted his shortsightedness and an apparent clear commitment to helping wealth accrue to his mates.

“These are far from the behaviours that may decent, loyal Conservative supporters have ever held.”

Stephen Sanders, Green Party

Mr Sanders said that Conservative MPs had a start decision to make on the future of the Prime Minister.

“I can’t make up my mind whether to ask you to rid the Tories of this demonstrably incompetent, unprincipled and egocentric usurper for the good for the party and our country, or to press you to continue supporting him in the hope that he will so discredit the Conservatives that the party never finds itself in power ever again?

“There are few places that those who find the current state of affairs abhorrent can turn to, but for those who believe we and future generations have a right to look forward to a green and pleasant land in which to live.

The Green Party is growing rapidly – that growth is contributed to by many people who see further than just the next short-term gain, irrespective of any longer-term damage that it might cause.

“They are leaving other parties to come on board and join a party with a future.”

Stephen Sanders, Green Party

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  1. How refreshing to hear these views from a party whose members are invested in making a positive difference to the world both now and in the future rather than just lining their own pockets at everyone else’s expense. This is what real politics is about, not the old etonian playground that currently passes for the UK government.

    Thank you to the Green Party for offering a credible alternative to ‘politics as usual’ and for offering us a more grown up and decent approach to running the country. It would be wonderful if all of our politicians could follow your lead on prioritising the climate change emergency, but that is far from being the case here in Lichfield. Sadly, Michael Fabricant can’t see any further into the future than his own career alongside the other far right has-beens on GB News.

    The Tory Party is failing us on the environment, and their new Brexit Freedoms Bill is a threat to the environmental protections we previously enjoyed under EU Law. I hope that the other opposition parties will now seek to collaborate with the Greens for all our sakes before it is too late.

  2. Stephen Saunders letter, however well informed or pertinent it may be doesn’t come across as someone who wants to put aside party politics. He is essentially asking for Boris to go or for the Tory party to never hold power again. This being the party who most people in the UK vote for by the way. Not sure how that helps the environment. Labours track record and even the EU’s track record of prioritising the planet is also shoddy at best.

  3. Alicia – most people do not vote for the Conservative party at all, almost never have, although they have mostly been in power. That is a major downside to our flawed first past the post election system with its rigged constituencies. The government we get very rarely, if at all, represents the people it represents nor the votes that gave them power.

  4. Alicia Fibmerchant – “This being the party who most people in the UK vote for by the way.” is incorrect.
    43% is not “most people.” That a minority of those who vote can deliver a majority of 80 shows an electoral system that does not reflect the wishes of the people.
    Only Belarus, in Europe, has the same system as us.
    9/10 for the attempted anagram.

  5. In France, the share price of EDF energy dropped over 20% last month (while all other are booming) after the government forced them to hold prices to protect consumers.

    Meanwhile in Brexit Britain, thank god we left the EU to allow us to cut fuel prices

    Oh wait……

  6. There is almost an inevitability as to how the human species will bring about its own demise. We can see what is happening, we know the causes, but the priority is always compromised. You did it in the past. We are developing countries. You must pay us to reform. There are no economic alternatives.
    We are all sitting on the branch of our existence … and cutting it off with arrogance and ignorance.
    In global terms our tree planting campaign is inconsequential. Even if Britain achieved carbon neutrality, which is very improbable, it would make no difference whatsoever on a global basis. Our weather is a global phenomenon.
    Parents say they love their children and want the best for them. The reality is they will suffer in unimaginable ways once the tipping point is reached. Life cannot and will not continue as it is. This is not scaremongering. It is how it will be.

  7. I have long considered the Green Party as the only sustainable alternative to the current Tory/Labour stranglehold on our political system, with the need to tackle the climate crisis reinforcing the case for a change in our systems. Unfortunately, our two party system and far too many vested interests make this unlikely. I know- why don’t we have a national referendum on the future of our political system. After the usual few years while the government messes about with the results, we might actually get somewhere. We can only dream.

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