Rainbow flag
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Politicians have supported the decision to fly the rainbow flag outside Burntwood Library.

Criticism was levelled at the move on social media with one poster describing it as “un-Christian” and asking for it to be removed.

But a number of local political figures stepped in to condemn the now-deleted comments.

Cllr Rob Birch, a member of Burntwood Town Council and Lichfield District Council, said:

“They fly the flag because they can and should – if you don’t like it then your non-attendance at the library is unlikely to be missed.

“Come to think of it, your non-attendance in Burntwood would be welcome. There is no place here for small-minded bigotry.”

Cllr Rob Birch

MP Michael Fabricant said:

“God teaches us to love and be tolerant to one another.

“The rainbow flag is an expression of love – straight or gay.

“Good on you, Burntwood Library.”

Michael Fabricant MP
Cllr Darren Ennis
Cllr Darren Ennis

Cllr Darren Ennis said he was “proud” to see the flag flying above the town’s library.

“We live in a country with freedom of expression. If a person loves a person then brilliant – we need more love in this world, not hatred.

“I for one am proud this flag is flying.”

Cllr Darren Ennis

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  1. Christian objections? Is that the Lichfueld chapter
    of Westboro Baptists version, as most Christians I know are generous and welcoming?

  2. Who cares what flag they fly? Anything is an improvement on flying the butchers apron that is the union flag.

  3. I’m proud that the UK is a country where you can fly a rainbow flag. I’m less convinced of our MP’s anti bigotry credentials when he applauds the burning of the EU flag on twitter.

  4. ML – how can a flag be gay? It is an inanimate object and therefore devoid of the ability to have feelings or even to have any appreciation for those things that may be different to itself. Does that sound familiar?

  5. Alicia you know what I meant but in case you don’t if you go to Blackpool and see all the rainbow flags out side b and b’s it indicates they are gay establishments. Public buildings should fly the national flag or are you ashamed of it

  6. Cllr. Birch, so you welcome non attendance at the library. Is that part of your cunning plan to have an excuse to close it down because of it being underused and save the council money. Then they can convert to more retirement flats! Brilliant.

  7. To all who don’t understand, the rainbow flag is a SYMBOL of the lbgt., gay pride movement., nothing to do with straight people mf.
    Why this has been chosen to be flown over the library is beyond me as it does not represent the majority of the population. Perhaps it should only be displayed on a particular day as many others are on public buildings

  8. Some people are gay. It’s normal. It’s been around forever. Homosexuality has been observed in other animals. Other people being gay has no impact on you unless you actively decide to make it do so. If non-gay people didn’t keep wasting their own and other people’s time trying to make some people being gay a problem then maybe overt displays of support like flying a flag wouldn’t happen. So if you don’t like seeing the gay pride flag being flown to show support maybe try shutting up and keeping your stupid bigoted views to yourself to help make future displays of support unnecessary.

    What God teaches about anything should be irrelevant to the discussion. Might as well talk about what your pet cat taught you about how to treat gay people, at least you can prove your pet cat exists.

  9. Burntwood library should fly the national flag or the Staffordshire flag. The library is for everyone not certain groups. Perhaps the skull and crossbones for the flag over LDC offices.

  10. It’s ironic really that some of the reactions on here so perfectly demonstrate the reason why the rainbow communities need some positive support from the wider community.

    I’m straight, I’m perfectly comfortable with that, and I’m equally perfectly comfortable with the fact that other people aren’t. I really don’t understand why it is so problematic for others. I can only assume think there are a few people on here who are a little more insecure about their own sexuality.

  11. Perhaps anyone who has concerns about Burntwood library flying the rainbow flag should simply try paying them a visit as I am sure that every member of the community is made to feel welcome there. We are lucky to have our community libraries and should support them so that they are there for future generations to enjoy too.

  12. @belleview – I’m not sure I understand your concerns. You seem to be suggesting that flying a rainbow flag above the library somehow excludes people. How? By that logic, your earlier suggestion of flying a Staffordshire flag above the library would indicate that non-Staffordshire residents were not welcome. You can’t have it both ways.

  13. Belleville I was pointing out that being Christian does not exclude being gay or anything else; the Rainbow flag is meant to signify inclusion for all, including Christians, gay or not. Fortunately, like faux patriotic ejaculations, trivial events serve to surprise us with a view of quite different moral compasses. As someone with a gay sibling, I find exclusionary stances reprehensible.

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