Some education services delivered by a joint venture company are to be brought back in house, Staffordshire County Council has confirmed.

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Entrust – a business created as a partnership by Capita and the authority a decade ago – will stop providing some aspects of the original agreement following a review.

While the likes of music lessons, property maintenance, IT, HR, cleaning and catering will continue to be delivered, by 2023 the joint venture will stop providing skills and employability, early years support and some other property projects.

The county council will, however, retain a 49% stake in Entrust.

Cllr Mark Deaville, cabinet member for commercial, said the decision to amend the agreement reflected the changing school landscape and new priorities.

“Ten years ago, we set up Entrust to ensure services to schools could continue to be delivered, under a changing school landscape of academisation.

“Since then, Entrust has successfully delivered services to more than 400 schools in the county, and around 4,500 schools nationally.

“A relatively small part of Entrust’s business is services provided to the county council. Over the last ten years these services have changed significantly and now is time to take a step back and examine whether the current arrangements are still best provided by Entrust alongside the school services.

“After reviewing where we are, we are looking to bring some activities back in house so they’re better joined-up with other county council priorities, while still very much ensuring Entrust is the provider of choice for maintained schools and academies alike.”

Cllr Mark Deaville, Staffordshire County Council

Other services Entrust will continue to deliver for the county council include outdoor education, grounds maintenance, special educational needs and governor services.

John Doherty, Chief Executive of Entrust, said:

“It is a normal part of the business process for clients and suppliers to periodically review services to ensure that they consider likely funding profiles and to encompass future needs.

“The council’s decision presents an opportunity to review how services are delivered for Staffordshire’s learners and citizens, and to consider how they may be further improved for the long-term.

“We look forward to working together through this process as well as continuing to deliver excellent education services for local schools.”

John Doherty, Entrust
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Steven Norman
2 years ago

Ten years ago we were told by the Conservative Leadership, who are still there in more lowly positions but still able to confirm to reporters, that Entrust would be “expanding into Europe”.

What happened?

When they can’t fix potholes and other highway defects in any reasonable time – and some take years – the Europe prediction was just another misleading statement from them.