Music fans will be able to enjoy some Night Fever when a show comes to the Lichfield Garrick.

You Win Again: Celebrating the Music of The Bee Gees
You Win Again: Celebrating the Music of The Bee Gees

You Win Again: Celebrating the Music of The Bee Gees comes to the city on 10th March.

A spokesperson said:

“This fabulously authentic production ensures the Gibb brothers’ incredible legacy of classic hit songs is well and truly Stayin’ Alive.”

Lichfield Garrick spokesperson

Tickets are £30 and can be booked on the Lichfield Garrick website.

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2 years ago

More tribute acts…..

Jesus…!!! What wrong with the Garrick. Someone else recently noticed that all we get are tribute acts. It’s insane….!!

So many great, original acts around, and we get glorified Karaoke.

2 years ago

@Simon : We struggle to get tourists into Lichfield, never mind original artists who can sell out bigger venues than the Garrick, and therefore earn more for one performance.

The Garrick already needs financial support annually, and that is without paying more for acts.

2 years ago

100% with Simon.

Whoever is in charge of booking artists at the Garrick needs a quiet word.

I would LOVE to be able to see original music in my hometown theatre but, literally al we’re offered is Buddy Holly tributes, Beatles Tributes, Dylan Tributes, Elvis Tributes, Simon & Garfunkel, Lionel Richie tributes, Elton John Tributes, Eurythmics Tributes, Billy Joel tributes….i could go on….

When was the last time ANYONE saw an original artist at the Garrick? Was it Bucks Fizz?

Seriously, this is a theatre, not a working man’s club or bingo hall. Can the booking agent please stop using their rear view mirror and look forward? There are great acts out there, whose profile would be perfect for this size theatre.

Can we PLEASE have some original artists??

2 years ago


You been to The Guildhall lately??

They have loads of original artists playing. Martin Carty, Sheelanagig, Gordon Giltrap….(just off the top of my head)

Your argument doesn’t hold water, I’m afraid.

2 years ago

It is a fact that The Garrick Team are lacking in imagination, with no known creative policy or strategy now, & are playing very safe with bookings. I lost all faith in them when the local AM Drams were squeezed out – very bad decision. The creative but business orientated persons who had the imagination & went & sold The Garrick to mainly London based Producers bringing the big acts, profitably, to Lichfield are now running, very nicely thank you, The Gatehouse Stafford & The Grand Theatre Wolverhampton. Tribute acts are popular but attractive to all ages tribute acts, who do not use backing tracks, are rare. The sooner Freedom Leisure takeover running The Garrick the better, just take a look [including inside the building] at what they have done with The Gatehouse – brilliantly designed patrons orientated transformation & superior variety programming at reasonable prices, & The Grand still gets all the big shows.