Lichfield’s MP has told the Prime Minister he is “baffled” by opposition from other political parties to the decision to lift coronavirus restrictions.

Michael Fabricant
Michael Fabricant

Michael Fabricant made his comments in a debate in the House of Commons yesterday.

He said that Staffordshire’s death rate – which current sees 75 fewer each week than the five year average pre-Covid – meant that the evidence showed why Covid restrictions could be eased.

“May I ask my Rt Hon Friend to cast his mind back to January last year, when Chris Whitty said ‘there will come a time when Covid will be the same as flu’, from which actually there are 7,000 to 20,000 deaths each year.

“At that time there was no criticism of him from either the Labour Party or the SNP.

“Now that we have excess deaths at minus 9% of what is normal at this time, is he as baffled as I am about the attitude that the Labour frontbench now has?”

Michael Fabricant

Boris Johnson replied:

“Yes, actually, I am. I am genuinely surprised by the approach that they have taken – I do think it is wrong.

“But I think he made an important point about the comparison with flu. It is very important that people with any respiratory disease think about those who are clinically vulnerable, and behave in a responsible and considerate way.” 

Boris Johnson

The Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday means that all Covid restrictions will end over the coming weeks, with free rapid testing to end on 1st April.

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  1. Oh god – it’s “look at me” Mike!! Seriously, no other MP promotes videos of themselves in Parliament!

    How lovely would it be to have an MP who wasn’t an echo chamber for Boris Johnson? An MP who thought for himself, and didn’t simply do as he was told by Boris….

    Fat chance.

  2. Stopping testing is a stupid decision, it’s not over and we have to hope new variants will be milder and not vaccine-resistant. Without testing we won’t be able to identify them.

    But more importantly why did Johnson make the son of a kgb agent a member of the House of Lords – Baron Lebedev, of Hampton in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and of Siberia in the Russian Federation?
    Why has the uk govt not sanctioned Russian money properly today?
    Will you ask him that because you should. But you won’t.

  3. I’m baffled that he claims to be the MP for Burntwood as well as Lichfield. My claim is based on evidence of his appearances, unlike his appalling comments about COVID and mask wearers. Unfit to represent anything.

  4. You ignore Professor Sir Chris Whitting and Sir Patrick Vallance.

    Idiots our P.M and our M. P.
    You have NO IDEA what it is like to be a vulnerable person with an auto immune disease. You could not care less…. as far as you are concerned, you will save on old age pensions and disability benefits. YOU SHOULD HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME, scrapping the free covid tests and self isolation. I am writing this from a hospital bed, I am disgusted by your comments and Boris’ decision to ease all restrictions.

  5. I also want to add, that you have NO idea how hard all the NHS staff work day and night, including the paramedics who brought me to hospital. Understaffed does not even come close!! YOU AND BORIS SHOULD BE MADE TO SIT IN A CORNER OF THE WARD FOR A WEEK, AND WATCH……THE STAFF ARE EXHAUSTED.

  6. I am baffled as to how Boris the buffoon and Fabricant can sleep at night. It is quite obvious that the decision to end all restrictions and free testing is a political one by an idiot of a PM desperate to stay in power, which flies in the face of scientific advice, both here and abroad. How will we know the extent of infections and identify new variants without free testing, or is it a case of hiding this inconvenient information? Chris Witty is telling people to isolate if they are infected; Boris is telling them not to. For Fabricant to express bafflement at opposition to the end of all restrictions is really beyond belief. Is there anything that Boris does that this toady will not defend? The man is an utter disgrace.

  7. It’s typical that our MP uses the opportunity of a Question to the PM to make a childish political point rather than raise any issues relating to his constituents. This is, yet again, playground politics. Thankfully, politicians of all parties have worked together on the ground to help, support and advise local residents but, to this man, it’s just a game. Time for local Conseratives to take a long, hard look at what they want from a MP in the future.

  8. I think Mr Fabricant is trying very hard to turn MP from Member of Parliament to Media Personality. Given that his hair/wig (delete as required) seems to get more scrutiny on social media that anything else suggests that he is doomed to failure except on GB News which nobody watches anyway. When he appeared on the BBC is was widely ridiculed. As for his comments blah blah blah… just parroting what Boris or his Tory overlords tell him to say.

  9. Our baffled MP clearly doesn’t understand anything about this crisis. It’s just an excuse for another joke. Suggesting the apparently low current death rate is a good thing is an insult to those families that have lost loved ones far too early. The pandemic is far from over, with more than 200 deaths reported yesterday (a rate of 70,000+ per year). Stopping isolation and stopping free testing is shameful.

  10. Company I work for (an extremely large international one) issues a statement to the employees after each government change headed “our response to the government changes to Covid regulations” that recently just says regardless of what the government are doing and why we will continue to make our decisions based on what is actually happening in the country and our workforce and are making no change to our approach as yet, keeping our staff and their families safe is our number one priority. I have never liked them more.

  11. Michael lives in a permanent state of bafflement, I should think – until CCHQ tells him what to think. This is clearly a political decision, and as such it is reasonable to raise concerns – to have a differing opinion. I am deeply concerned that the cessation of fire testing or the requirement to isolate is going to leave vulnerable people in jeopardy, not knowing who around them may be carrying the virus. Learning to live with the virus doesn’t mean pretending it doesn’t exist, it means acknowledging it and acting accordingly to protect yourself and others. The government has a role in helping society do this, but the current messaging is “its over – go back to how you were.” It seems for no other reason than that the PM likes to be popular and needs to curry favour with his backbench members of CRG and ERG, who have always opposed restrictions – for ideological rather than scientific reasons.

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