A Burntwood councillor says he is “disgusted” after local groups using a youth centre in the town were told the building would be replaced with a new health facility.

Staffordshire County Council unveiled plans today (28th February) for a new medical centre to be built at Cherry Close.

The new facility would become the new home to the Salters Meadow Health Centre and the Burntwood Health and Wellbeing Centre.

But the plan will mean community groups such as Liberty Jamboree, Fun Club Hub and Midland Soccer Academy who use the former Burntwood Youth Centre site will need to find new places to host their activities.

Cllr Darren Ennis, deputy leader of Burntwood Town Council, said many of those organisations only found out about the news after it broke on Lichfield Live this morning.

Cllr Darren Ennis
Cllr Darren Ennis

“What a way to treat these community organisations.

“I doubt if Cllr Jessel has even had the courtesy to visit the clubs that meet there or seen the numbers of young people and others who see it as a lifeline – she sits in her ivory tower without a thought for these people.

“Frankly, I’m disgusted with their attitude.”

Cllr Darren Ennis, Burntwood Town Council

“An urgent need to ensure alternative premises are found”

Some of the activities hosted at the site were put in place after Staffordshire County Council decided to close its youth centres in 2014.

The former Burntwood Youth Centre building
The Burntwood Youth Centre building

Although the current tenants were aware of plans to end their lease and talks had taken place with local councillors over the need to seek alternative premises for the community groups, Burntwood Town Council leader Cllr Sue Woodward said the announcement had come as a shock.

“Of course, we very much welcome moves to improve primary care provision in the town. This has been under discussion for many years – too many years – but the high-handed way this announcement has been made is disgraceful.

“The improved services for local people the county council talks of includes our young people too.

“There is now an urgent need to ensure that alternative premises are found within weeks.”

Cllr Sue Woodward, Burntwood Town Council

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  1. This is disgusting, the lady who runs Liberty work so hard to ensure that the welfare of these youngsters, my own son has attended there for years. He now does voluntary work there has nearly completed his level 3 in youth work ,when know one else would listen this wonderful lady did. All these children and young adults all have there own problems but she helps them with building confidence learning lots of offer skills. They help in the community they are true assets to our community. So how dare these people do this to them , with know thought for there welfare and the effect it will have on some of there mental health problems, these counselors so should hang there heads low and be ashamed of what they are doing to these wonderful people.

  2. This is terrible news and shows a total lack of concern for Community groups that use the centre which is used every day including weekends. Why can’t the wasteland need to to Costa at chaseterrace be used. This would be close to the salters meadow site and have more suitable access. I would like to know how they can make this decisions without proper consultation. Surely we can oppose this.

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