Cllr Thomas Loughbrough-Rudd
Cllr Thomas Loughbrough-Rudd

A Burntwood councillor who said he would resign in the wake of controversy over funding now says he intends to remain in the role.

Cllr Thomas Loughbrough-Rudd had sent an email to the chairman of Staffordshire County Council last month outlining his intention to stand down.

It came after it emerged money his now dissolved community interest company was awarded by the authority’s own climate change fund was not used for a tree planting project as it should have been

But despite being awarded £580 last March while he was standing as a Conservative candidate for the Burntwood North seat and a further £344 just days after his election in May, the money has only been repaid in full this month – with the councillor refusing to explain why it could not be paid back sooner.

Cllr Loughbrough-Rudd told Lichfield Live:

“I was talked out of quitting by someone close to me – my constituents will be able to get hold of me on new details from tomorrow.”

Cllr Thomas Loughbrough-Rudd, Staffordshire County Council

Cllr Loughbrough-Rudd did not confirm who had been behind his decision to continue as an independent councillor having left the Conservatives.

He had previously stepped down from both Burntwood Town Council and Hammerwich Parish Council, but had clung on to his remunerated county council seat.

“I have been regularly meeting with people”

Despite continuing to collect his £800-plus monthly allowance, Cllr Loughbrough-Rudd had failed to attend any of the last four meetings he had been due to be at stretching back to December.

But he told Lichfield Live he had continued to be an effective representative for local residents over the last few months.

“I have been regularly meeting with people on an individual basis and assisting various causes during this timeframe.

“I had always intended to leave Burntwood Town Council after being elected to Staffordshire County Council because of the very political nature of Burntwood Town Council.

“I will not stand again.”

Cllr Thomas Loughbrough-Rudd, Staffordshire County Council

However, Cllr Loughbrough-Rudd’s latest comments are at odds with those he made in January when he said he had resigned from the town council to avoid being “a distraction” as news of the tree-funding broke:

“I offer my sincere apology for anything that I have done that it is felt has stained this council – that would not be something I would ever do and that is why I go now.

“It has been a profound honour to serve alongside this council under the administration which I have to say I didn’t expect.”

Cllr Thomas Loughbrough-Rudd’s January 2022 resignation letter to Burntwood Town Council

Cllr Loughbrough-Rudd’s decision not to resign from the county council will see him share the chamber with former Conservative colleagues who originally handed him the maximum possible ban from their group following an investigation into the funding.

Cllr Richard Cox
Cllr Richard Cox

They include Cllr Richard Cox who said the Burntwood North member had “no principles or integrity whatsoever”.

“I can confirm I did suggest to him that it was repaid immediately once it became apparent there were no trees.

“Cllr Loughbrough-Rudd has no integrity or principles whatsoever in terms of knowing or doing right from wrong.

“I came to this conclusion from the moment he failed to repay the grants when I suggested he should some months ago.”

Cllr Richard Cox, Staffordshire County Council
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Really angry resident
2 years ago

You are a disgrace. Just Go.

2 years ago

The soap opera that is Councillor Loughborough-Rudd continues…

Ann Hughes
2 years ago

No wonder people are disillusioned about politics. This man was granted over £900 by close political associates for a half-baked environmental project that was never carried out. He then took months to pay the money back for reasons never explained. Anyone remotely fit for public office would have kept such funds separate from any personal accounts and could have paid it back instantly. A cynic would think the attraction of a county seat is the generous allowance, but pity the poor constituents who have years of this nonsense. There should be a recall system for councillors as there is for MPs.

Clare Charles
2 years ago

Persuaded by someone close to him to stay?

His bank manager?

John Griffin
2 years ago

Because they (the Tories) know that Sue Woodward – who has done far more in any week for Burntwood than Rudd has in total- would win a by-election. Or perhaps it’s the expenses.

Burntwood Person
2 years ago

Since his intention to resign, I’ve been so looking forward to getting a new Councillor with integrity. Doesn’t look like Burntwood North’s going to get that very soon. Whoever persuaded him to continue cannot possibly be a constituent – If so, they’d have realised what a laughing stock he’s already brought to that area. Stick with your original decision and bring in someone who’ll look after the area and their constituents interests.

John Allen
2 years ago

Who talked him out of it, his bank manager?

2 years ago

It beggars belief. If anyone in industry had done this they’d have been sacked and probably prosecuted. You’re quite right @Ann Hughes. One rule for us and a different rule for them.

2 years ago

Reckon a decent author could write a book about this long sad saga. Problem is it would be in library as fiction when in fact though unbelievable it would be true non fiction. His contribution to the welfare of local people he is supposed to represent is lamentable.

Scott Armstrong
2 years ago

If the resignation was submitted then it should stand and we should already be looking forward to a by-election.

This man is clearly a compulsive liar and unfit to be a councillor. We simply cannot believe a single word he says any longer.

His former colleagues at the local Conservative party have so many questions to answer – from his suitability to even stand in the first place, to what kind of deals are still being done for him to now claim he no longer plans to resign.

What is also baffling is the complete lack of co-ordinated activity from any opposition parties. They may well be in the minority in Staffordshire, but that should not prevent them from lining up to properly oppose what is happening.

The Conservatives and this individual are literally laughing at us and doing whatever the hell they like – that is the problem when one party is so dominant and the opposition so ineffectual. I expect so much more from all opposition parties.

Why is it left to us and Lichfield Live to keep asking the questions and making basic observations about this whole farce – from the initial grant approval from Helen Fisher (now Deputy Crime Commissioner – oh, the irony!) through to this latest nonsense?

Alica Fibmerchant
2 years ago

This has now reached unprecedented levels of farce. I hope his constituents bombard this Cllr with work as he is clearly incapable of delivering and has zero dignity so will no doubt fall on his own sword. What an utter disgrace. No shame, no integrity, no courage and above all no hope.

Ed Eaton
2 years ago

I truly believe this man is narcassistic, and craves the attention whether it’s negative or not. I imagine he reads the comments on these pages and gets off on the fact that people are talking about him. It’s a very strange behaviour that’s for sure, but whenever it seems our attention is focussed on other issues, he returns with yet another ridiculous statement or move. I say we move on, forget about him and the money he owes, and concentrate on real issues that are affecting the people of Burntwood. His behaviour is a reflection on the kind of person he is, let’s not indulge it any further. Lichfield Live, you’ve done a grand job in reporting on this, but I fear you are merely fuelling his ego now. Let’s ignore him from now on…..

Billy Bytheway
2 years ago

Hes an absolute disgrace, a vile excuse for a human being. Lock him up and throw away the key, One dreads to think what scandal he’ll be involved in next.

Matt Shankly
2 years ago

Ed, how can we ignore him when he’s the elected county council representative? It’s like ignoring the lies of Fabricant or Johnson. We have to challenge every step of the way until he resigns or is removed. Above anything else, I hope the people of Burntwood have learned their lesson about voting for any member of this rotten, corrupt party. Keep it up Lichfield Live!

2 years ago

Can I talk you back into resigning? Please go as what you did was not honest. How can anyone believe a word you say from now on? Leave now. Do you have no shame?