Households across and Lichfield will begin to receive new recycling bags for card and paper over the next few weeks.


The move is part of a change to the way recycling collections will be carried out.

It means that bags will be delivered to properties over the next six weeks in preparation for changes to household waste rules.

Residents will soon need to separate out card and paper and use the new bags rather than the standard blue bins.

Lichfield District Council said rising costs and Government targets meant alternatives to the current system needed to be found.

Councillor Ashley Yeates, Lichfield District Council’s cabinet member responsible for climate change and recycling, said:

“It is vital that we do everything we can to improve recycling rates across Lichfield and Tamworth and we are confident this measure will make a significant difference.”

Cllr Ashley Yeates, Lichfield District Council

The new waterproof, weighted blue bag can be placed on top of the existing blue bin which will continue to be used to collect other recyclable items.

Rural homes and those with difficult access will receive a new purple bin so that a vehicle smaller than the new recycling wagons can reach their properties.  

Some homes will also see changes to their collections days, with Lichfield District Council contacting affected homes.

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  1. Strange we have more volume of paper, card, & cardboard packaging, than tins & bottles. Seems wrong way round!

  2. I agree with flossy it would take months to fill the blue bin does this crazy idea mean it will still be emptied
    Every two weeks

  3. Hopefully. These bags are totally waterproof to the elements, and do not blow away during strong winds.. I recall the Green Boxes when there contents blew about plus the boxes too.
    Time will tell.

  4. Yet another unsightly bin I will have to find room for. I am not sure what I pay council tax for, another cost saving idea that people will see no benefits from.

  5. How stupid is this there is far more paper and cardboard than tins and bottles, who thinks all this up. How many more rubbish containers are we going to have outside our houses, the council has more money than sense.

  6. More rubbish flying around the streets. Don’t they look back on past failures, i.e the old green boxes where even the slightest wind used to blow everything out of them.

  7. Draycott Council in Derbyshire are not as fussy like Staffordshire County Council are, its making more work for residents to sort out recycling materials so much easier to everything together in one bin.

  8. Do these people in the local authority actually visit this planet or do they stay in their parallel universe… who in their right mind put this idea into practice. The same people who manage the repair and maintenance of the roads I guess…

  9. On top of the blue bins? Someone is living in a world 10 years ago. The volume of card and paper in the world we live today is vastly more in volume than cans and bottles, either these bags are much to big to fit on top of blue bins or we will all be using several blue bags per collection. Someone really has no clue I feel.

  10. What a crazy idea . What happens to those who gave a large family like myself an absolute stupid idea.

  11. Utter nonsense, people ‘justifying’ their pay I suppose

    How about this mob of lunatics get the simple things like the roads, pavements and lack of filter lanes at major lights such as tesco addressed?

    Thought not

  12. I have more cardboard and paper than cans and glass etc I can put my cardboard straight in the blue bin but if I have to fold or cut it up to put it in the so called bag that my be different because of my arthritis like many other older people Lichfield council have not though this through very well plus I read they where having a new vehicle for the hard to get places so thats more money they are spending of tax payers money.

  13. Here’s an idea, let’s have a bonfire once a week in the street that way we can’recycle’, experience ‘community’ and also keep warm!! Lol

  14. Look at the size of some of the new Taylor Wimpey homes. They are tiny.

    They will receive a blue bin, a grey bin, a brown bin and a recycling bag. Where will they store them all?

  15. The blue bin will be virtually obsolete especially for those like me who live on their own. I don’t use many tins or bottles so certainly won’t with this new procedure. So why do we have to do the sorting ?

  16. What happens when the bag is full to capacity after a few days.? It is obvious they are not large enough to take 14days of Cardboard and paper.
    Another Brilliant idea…NOT

  17. So a new vehicle will be needed to reach places which are inaccessible? Talk about saving money! Perhaps the leader of the council will pick it up on the way back from the Ukraine?
    Or they could use the leased mercedes electric car?
    Congratulations on all the great ideas.

  18. No doubt the street will be a wash with blue bags as they blow around ,place ontop of the bin ! could the money not have been better spent fixing the rollercoaster ride of pot holes at morrisons in burntwood.

  19. What an absolute joke, a bag….on top of the blue bin…that’s going to look lovely. Sure it won’t blow off, sure the older residents will love lifting a weighted bag on and off the top of a bin. How much room do they think we have for all these bins, absolutely clueless

  20. Are they going to start giving us a wage, we are practically working for the recycling centre at this stage. Still most of what we put in blue bins goes to landfill, council are pathetic

  21. I think like most peoples comments on here (Which won’t be listened to be the council) this has not been thought through. I totally get we must recycle and I’m in a fortnight position were I have room for an extra bin. But this bag idea for cardboard paper etc. A bag that presumably you can’t close to keep all stuff that with a good gust of wind could then end up all over your garden or street. As lots have siad previously why not do it the other way round. Come on council at least try and get you $4it together.

  22. I have a brown bin I no longer use ,would it not be sensible to utilize this,I’m sure the council peepssit in caves and think what else can we use the council tax for ,it certainly is not sorting the holes in the roads .oh I forgot it’s not their baby

  23. Really! This is the most ludicrous plan I’ve ever heard. My dear neighbour is 92 how on earth is she going to do this? I’m in my 70s with arthritis and I can’t prepare cardboard for the recycling centre. Are the council sacking the sorters? Regardless of the blue bags I will carry on as normal ! End of story.

  24. I agree with all the other comments this is a really silly idea. Why not spend the extra money employing more people to do the recycling. Then they will be putting money back in the system with tax insurance etc. hence the economy would grow. Solving the recycling and finance problem. Pity the powers that be don’t think!!!

  25. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Oh dear. I’ll tell you know that if it this is awkward and messy as it sounds my cardboard will be going in the black bin. I’ve had enough of subsidising LDC’s waste disposal and now I’m even been asked to do some of the sorting for them. No ta.

  26. I do hope the new bags are not made of plastic. Will I have to buy these bags once used or are they reusable? I hope they are big enough as I fill a blue bin with paper and card every 2 weeks due to relying on home delivery as I cannot get out due to disability. What happens when the bags rip. Do we get a free replacement or do we pay for more bags.This item is concerning me. Looks like my shredder is going to be doing overtime and paper is going in the compost small/big are these bags? How heavy will these bags be once filled. I live in a area with many elderly people round me. Exactly how are they supposed to carry these out on bin day? Do you expect them to drag them out thus ripping the bags. Are these bags sealable or on windy days will there be reams of paper blowing all over the place. Looks like I will either have to put the bag on my lap to take out it drag behind my wheelchair.

  27. How big are these bags? I have lots of boxes delivered with medical supply in.these boxes are not small. 1 box will easily fill a black bin bag. They are reinforced boxes due to medical equipment being inside so are very different to tear apart. I have 2 blue bins one for paper and card and one for tins and glass. I do not live in a huge house but I find this much easier. How many bags are we allowed to put out? Are these bags strong and not made of flimsy plastic ( defeating the environmental issue if they are) how heavy are these bags once full? Will the binmen be going round collecting any loose paper that has either blown out the bags or fell out any tear holes. I think not. Well the council have brought a new bin lorry and electric vehicle. Nice to know where my council tax is being spent. Shame my local exercise club run by the council had to be closed down for this.

  28. OMG!! Are they mad?? Why change to bags when a large bin last longer… I have two blue bins and to be demoted to a bag what idiots they truly are. I no people in Stafford that have these stupid bags which get blown away in the wind and the streets look a mess when this happens. People actually put everything in the domestic bin and just put papers in there blue bags!! So I really don’t think the environment will benefit!!
    We pay good money for theses services and you can’t get that right.
    What’s a matter are the dustbin personnel moaning they can’t wheel a bin to a machine anymore?
    Why don’t councillors go get a brain!!

  29. @Asellus aquaticus…. Depends how long you have been living in Lichfield. We had green boxes at one time, without lids so windy days were very colourful around here. They were withdrawn in favour of the blue bins. You are asked not to bag anything you put in blue bins, presumably someone, somewhere had to de-bag them, a costly and time consuming exercise. So now we will have bags so the abovementioned problems will reoccur. So we have tried it out and it won’t work. That is me passing judgement.

  30. How about a discount on my council tax bill and I’ll take my cardboard to the recycling centre myself. No way our cardboard will fit in a bag! Stupid idea.

  31. I’ve had a flier from the council yesterday saying we are having a new purple bin for paper and cardboard????

  32. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Despite Cllr A Yeates trying to present this as an environmental move to “increase recycling rates” it is not – it is an economic decision based on the increased costs of sorting mixed recycling. However in future it will, inevitably, be hailed as a success because we are measuring “recycling rates” incorrectly in my opinion. Cllr A Yeates’ measure is based on the number of loads turned away from the recycling facility and not the percentage of waste that is recycled against the total waste that could be recycled. Hence, people getting fed up with having to do battle with getting cardboard in a bag and instead putting in the black bin will not feature in any measurement. The amount of waste that could be recycled but isn’t being because we’re making it too much hassle will never be captured. Cllr A Yeates will stand up in the council chamber and say recycling rates have increased solely on the basis of fewer loads being turned away as a result of contamination and we will all applaud ourselves for doing the right thing for the environment, casually turning a blind eye to all the waste in black bins that could have been recycled if we made it as simple and easy as possible for people to do so. I hope I’m proven wrong, but without measuring the right thing (i.e. actual recycling rates) we’ll never know.

  33. @Philip – Yes I’ve been here from before the days of the green boxes. I worked for LDC in those days, and recall that lots of people complained about the green boxes, the orange bags, the brown bins, the little food waste bins and of course the blue bins. There were a lot of changes. Meanwhile, during those changes, Lichfield DC went from having the worst recycling record in the country to one of the best. Others caught up later. I also am aware that the practices within the recycling industry are constantly changing, and that the district local authorities whose responsibility it is to collect the waste constantly have little influence on that, but just have to try to keep up.

    So whilst I too have some genuine concerns about how this system will work, I will resist the kneejerk reaction to throw my toys out of the pram, pretend I’m an industry expert and/or to use it as an excuse to divest myself of any personal responsibility.

  34. I totally agree with all that these sensible people’s comments, why on earth is more money being used for all the thousands of bags for cover all the households, I know it’s probably a different funding, but monies should be used for all the potholes EVERYWHERE damaging people’s vehicles. 🤷

  35. To the person suggesting on here that the council have more money than sense I would like to point out that this would still be the case if they were down to their last groat.

  36. Completely agree with Joanne Grange.

    If the council is serious about increasing the recycle rate, making it harder and less convenient for people to recycle is not going to be an incentive, is it?

    This is a cost saving exercise…..nothing more…

  37. We are being asked to do more ourselves, for increased council tax. Am I missing something? This is like having to pay extra for brown bin collection…..we pay more, and recieve

    All while the council sits on in excess of £7m in “reserves”.?

    As someone who is in their advanced years, and currently finding it a real challenge to make ends meet – I hope they will understand why I will not vote for Conservative councillors again.

    Time for a change.

  38. Practically, how’s that going to work, on day one its at the bottom of the bin, then gets lifted in and out for two weeks until you have a bag with two weeks worth of paper you have to try and lift out to put other recyclables into the bin?

  39. All councils have targets to meet from the government. This is just them trying to achieve and exceed this targets. So what if we have to spend a few more minutes sorting – is that too hard for us to help reduce climate change. Why is everyone so negative and think this is about cost saving or lining coffers. Our council tax covers to much more than bin collection. This is going to be a challenge for my household as I have elderly residents who already struggle with two bins, but I’ll do is as I want to help save the planet.

  40. I would have thought it would be better to put glass and tins in a bag and use the bin for card and paper. The weight would stop lt blowing about and it wouldn’t matter if it got wet.

  41. I agree with the majority. Why have a blue bag which is sometimes going to be overflowing and a blue bin virtually empty. Definitely seems the wrong way round.

  42. @Ali Martinez you are to be commended for wanting to save the planet but most of us do. However, did you not read @Joanna Granges comment because she clearly states that this IS about ‘cost cutting’ not ‘increasing recycling rates’ and everyone else’s concerns about capacity, weight, where to keep this blue bag, more card and paper than glass and tin. I too have been around since the orange ‘bin’ bags and green boxes and they were a nightmare especially if put out the night before and it was windy, rubbish blown all over the street. Mind you I still have my green boxes they are great for shed and garage storage. And how many of us put grass cuttings in a black bag and deposit them in the black bin because they refuse to pay for the brown bin to be collected? Many of us I suspect. We pay enough in council tax without having additional costs.

  43. @Asselus aquaticus… You make a good point about the expertise that has gone into this decision. Even with your experience you do not have an opinion on the likely success of the scheme. Are councillors any better qualified? Where else is using this method of collection and to what effect? This is major expenditure so should come with some guarantees.
    I don’t agree with your wait and see approach to life. True we cannot all be experts but we are aware that other factors are often involved that are not immediately apparent. This is often the case with Lichfield District Council. Much of the negative responses on this site towards them emanate from previous experience. We don’t all have your admirable self control.

  44. Councillors are no cleverer than any one else they just have more time to fill and stand at elections on political tickets and in the case of Lichfield is mainly Tory. If you have oudles of spare time stand at the next election I don’t have the time to waste

  45. Waste off Time and money.soon blow around..stuck in trees in bad weather…how big are these bags as most recycling card and paper.weigh alot more when it’s all soaked from the rain..someone must be bored to think that’s a good idea.

  46. Good luck everyone with these bags!
    We have these “weighted bags” and yes they blow over .They get slimes after a while from the glues on the boxes and the rain …..Nice!.I have a blue one for paper,a green one for plasti and cans and a black tub with no lid for glass.I would give my high teeth for just a bin to chuck everything in.The mess when we has the gales the other week.Luckily I could hang mine from my fence but not everyone can.Awful idea.

  47. It would be very helpful if the council, rather than simply imposing a new system, was transparent about the way our waste is disposed of. How much waste is sorted to go to recycling? Of the blue bin waste, how much cannot be recycled. Of that amount, how much is incinerated? How much of the black bin waste goes to landfill and how much to incineration? I am sure that we would be more willing to “do our bit for the planet” if we felt that it was all worthwhile. I’d also like to know how incineration compares with landfill in environmental terms. Also, has this bag system worked successfully elsewhere?

  48. Instead of just accepting the government pressure to make changes. Why not do some testing of ideas instead of just imposing a new system that anyone who gives it any consideration can see it will be a disaster. It seems very optimistic to expect these bags to accommodate all the paper and cardboard associated with internet shopping.

  49. This is the ultimate loony suggestion. Most comments have been written down for the IDIOT conservative councillors to percolate and do the right thing. As a life long conservative voter this is the final straw, my vote will go elsewhere

  50. I have an extra large blue wheelie now and it is completely full of cardboard! Tins and bottles are a TINY fraction of the volume. This plan is not thought through at all! I assume we will be able to request the 4-5 bags we will need to collect the card recycling? And they’ll be replaced every time they blow away?

  51. As soon as it starts, all paper and cardboard from our house will be going in the black bin or the garden incinerator. I didnt use the boxes once when we had them, and i am certainly not going to be messing around with bags. I would say our household recycling will drop by around 70% because of this.

  52. Employ more people at the centre ,as I’m starting to feel I’m working for the council and not getting paid ,enough of this bullsh*t .

  53. I agree with other contributors that my existing blue bin will be nearly empty as my recycling waste is predominantly paper and card. I don’t altogether blame councillors for the new approach. Having worked in local and central government it’s the council officers and civil servants who research the requirements, prepare legislation and put forward proposals for councillors/MPs to vote on. I do however blame those residents who contaminate the waste in their blue bins by failing to rinse out food and other containers; perhaps if they’d taken more care in the past we wouldn’t be facing the blue bin bag situation now. The council (are they all back at work yet) could make sure that the bin teams actually turn up on the appointed day and leave bins and bags where they found them. Credit to the bin crews, they’ve been out at work throughout the past two years when council offices have been closed and you can still only now visit by appointment. Re the new estates there’s an opportunity there for the council to adopt the sort of scheme they have on the continent where at the end of each street there’s an underground bin facility accessed through a hatch with separate compartments for paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, general waste, garden waste. As far as that person who puts their grass cuttings in a black bin – shame on you. Why not share a brown bin with neighbours?

  54. Hi Paul. Can you understand that cans and bottles (often wet) do not mix well with dry paper and cardboard, making them much more difficult to recycle? Please do your bit and stop being such a grouch. Monika

  55. @Joanne Grange – be interesting if you can find out if LDC is benefitting through the waste incinerator contract from the rise in electric prices

  56. Mrs Bossy if you want my tins and bottles washing come and do it but bring your own water as water costs money and if it needs to be hot that costs more money

  57. Does anyone remember when we had to put our paper in orange bags. That was before we had the green bins. Why can’t it just be left as it is. The Lichfield bin men do a really good job. I lived in Birmingham and the bin men there were atrocious. Litter left all over the road. Surely it’s better for the bin men to just have to open the lid of a wheelie bin and wheel it over to the truck. Let’s get some Councillers going out with the bin men to see how hard they work instead of sitting pen pushing in their nice offices and dreaming up stupid new schemes

  58. Joanne Grange I completely agree. All I will end up doing it putting it all in the black bin, as there is no way I will fit all the paper and card in this silly little blue bag. And I’m not wasting my time driving to the tip. We’ll all look forward to seeing loads of paper and card flying around Lichfield soon then.

  59. Bag received and already full after a day!! Can’t see them being good enough during the autumn and winter months will be blowing all over the place! I know they say you can put it in the blue bin but surely that compromises the bin mens health and safety for manual handling having to bend into the blue bin to pull the bag out first given the amount of items now allowed to be put in there? Madness!

  60. @P Never mind requesting extra bags I don’t know where I’m going to put one bag.

    @Mrs Bossy, none of my near neighbours pay for a brown bin either so like me and many others the grass cuttings go in the black bin. Sorry!

  61. The Council has already had my blue bag back – in my black bin. Exactly the same place as all my cardboard will go from now on. Last week the bin Gestapo put a yellow tag on my bin – it wasn’t a bin bag but black parcel wrapping. Their loss. I intend to not recycle any more and will happily stomp my black bin instead.

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