A fairly large audience turned out for Kindred – Our Roots Entwined when it was premiered at The Hub at St Mary’s in Lichfield.


Alongside a series of photographs in the gallery, Kindred was a film that blended site specific choreography with storytelling, a sympathetic but lively musical accompaniment, narration and specially composed poetry.

It is a project led by the talented dancer and choreographer Fleur Hall about the interconnection of trees, of roots and how trees can protect each other, as well as the other small insects and creatures that depend on the forested habitat.

Taking in the seasons, a series of small, filmed vignettes play, showing dance and choreography in forests and woods, on rocks and by a lake, while the poetry and narration of Katherine Sian and the high quality cinematography of Alexandra Hackett help to tell the story.

The soundtrack, written by Leon Bailey, encompasses the natural found sounds of wind and rain, blending in dance rhythm tracks, evocative minimalist piano and keyboard sounds, deep, brooding bass, and instruments such as the harp and guitar to fine and compelling effect.

As a meditation on the natural world, what it means to reconnect on a spiritual and visceral level, and how modern technology has replaced some of the simple pleasures of the outside world, Kindred gives the audience plenty to think about.

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