Plans for 13 new homes to be built on land in Lichfield have been rejected by planning chiefs.

The proposed site for 14 new homes. Picture: Lichfield District Council planning portal
The proposed site for 13 new homes. Picture: Lichfield District Council planning portal

Developers wanted to put properties on The Rosaries off St Michael Road.

But Helen Robertson, speaking on behalf of those neighbouring the the site, told Lichfield District Council’s planning committee that the scheme was inappropriate for the plot of land.

“We are not aware of any residents who support the application.

“The development would strip this green site of countless habitats.

“The Rosaries is a vital green site made up of garden and agricultural land preserved for over 200 years.

“This field was previously horticultural but changed in the Local Plan for housing, but no consultation on this was carried out.

“Gross over-development is being proposed.”

Helen Robertson

Cllr Angela Lax, Conservative representative for Stowe ward, also echoed concerns over the development.

Angela Lax
Angela Lax

“Thirteen houses is too many and will cause overlooking as well as loss of privacy and amenity.

“There has been little or no consideration of the effect on surrounding properties.

“The height difference means the new build ground floors will be level with bedrooms of villas – hey have a right not to be so impacted and in a manner which does not totally disregard their existence.”

Cllr Angela Lax, Lichfield District Council

But Louise Hinsley, of CT Planning, said the scheme should be considered acceptable given the fact the land has been allocated for housing.

“The application promotes sustainable development on a parcel of land that contributes very little to the local community.

“It is not overdevelopment of the site – it’s been laid out to meet the council’s requirements regarding separation distances.”

Louise Hinsley, CT Planning

Cllr Derick Cross, Conservative member for Alrewas and Fradley, said the committee needed to listen to those speaking out against the development.

“We’ve got responses Lichfield City Council, Lichfield Civic Society, a ward member in Cllr Lax, 20 neighbouring properties and 27 objections have been received – we have not heard anyone supporting this.

“We should support the residents and officers and reject this application.”

Cllr Derick Cross, Lichfield District Council

The planning committee did eventually decided to unanimously refuse planning permission for the development.

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  1. Cllr Cross, how about you now start listening to the residents in your area you’re supposed to represent, Fradley, and start opposing the massive over-development happening there? You seem to support over development in Fradley.

  2. I DONT BELIEVE IT ? Council voting AGAINST overdevelopment of houses in Lichfield ? Is it April 1st ? There is a GOD !!!!!

  3. Good news and some sense being shown. Thank you council. The habitat issue is a very important one. Again thank you. Grateful neighbour whose property would be overlooked by the proposed development.

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