People are being to take “sensible precautions” to help avoid the spread of coronavirus over the Easter weekend.

With families and friends likely to gather socially in the coming days, Staffordshire County Council is warning people not to put loved ones at risk.

It will be the first Easter Bank Holiday for two years where no Covid-19 restrictions are in place.

But Cllr Johnny McMahon, cabinet support member for public health, said people should take care if they are likely to visit vulnerable friends and relatives.

Cllr Johnny McMahon
Cllr Johnny McMahon

“I’m pleased that residents will be able to enjoy a Bank Holiday weekend without restrictions this Easter, but please do everything you can to keep others safe, particularly if they’re older or have health conditions that put them at higher risk from Covid.  

“We certainly don’t want gran or grandad getting poorly, so if you or others in your family feel unwell and have Covid symptoms, try to limit contact with others and stay at home until you’re feeling better.” 

Cllr Johnny McMahon, Staffordshire County Council

Self-isolation is no longer a legal requirement but people with symptoms of Covid-19 are being encouraged to stay at home and minimise contact with others until their symptoms have gone.

Cllr McMahon added:

“It’s still really important to get vaccinated and there are some walk-in clinics operating in Staffordshire during the Bank Holiday weekend, so make the most of your time off and get protected if you still need a vaccine or booster dose.”

Cllr Johnny McMahon, Staffordshire County Council

People can search the nearest walk-in clinics taking place during the weekend on the NHS website.

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  1. Many not taking precautions now. Why would they do so just because it’s Easter. On the matter of vaccinations. My friend is due the second booster, lives in Lichfield but has got to travel to Chasetown to receive it. Madness!

  2. Wait for when schools go back bringing all the bugs collected on holiday. I dread it. We always get I’ll second week in. Mind you, September is worse.

  3. @AnnS. You can reassure your friend that the vaccination service she’ll get in Chasetown will be first class. I’ve been there for my jabs. I’ve also had to travel in the other direction for various services. It’s not that far, especially if you’ve got transport or a friend who can give you a lift.

  4. @Carl Sholl, I’m sure you’re right, but you miss the point. This service should/must be made available in Lichfield for the residents of Lichfield.

  5. AnnS, I don’t understand why you are whinging about your friend having to go from Lichfield to Chasetown for her vaccination. It’s hardly that far a journey for something so important and some people are so ungrateful and they perhaps need a reality check.

  6. @SJ : This is what you get off the lichfield elite, how dare they don’t have no vaccinations in lichfield. People have to travel all over the country for medical treatment. You right they need a reality check.

  7. Who is this ‘Lichfield elite’? The ones who buy £840 a roll wallpaper? Those who own a $5 million penthouse in California? Or those who donate £100,000 to a public school with fees of £40,000 a year? perhaps those whose family owns England’s largest private house? You may wish to find another derogation.

  8. @belleview says the one slagging off doctors not so long ago. You recognise services and staff are stretched now?

  9. @Dean :My partner had a brain tumour ,we had a go to kings college London for lots of treatment and a operation. I broke my leg last year and had a operation in Derby followed by lots of appointments so going a couple of miles to Chasetown is nothing really. The treatment we both received in hospital was five star. The only disappointment was gp side of it. That’s why I take a different view of it.

  10. @belleview so you’ve chastised a whole speciality based on a personal experience. Sorry but it requires a little more thought and reflection.

  11. belleview , I’m sorry to hear about you and your partner’s bad time with health and hope you have had an upturn with luck. Some people on here are just professional moan artists and are always quick to criticize but never give out any praise when they have a positive experience. The person moaning about having the ordeal of a trip to faraway Chasetown is a good example of this.

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