The unit soon to be occupied by Waterstones
The unit soon to be occupied by Waterstones

A new bookshop is opening in Lichfield next month.

Waterstones will open in the former Dorothy Perkins unit on Market Street.

Luke Taylor, the company’s retail director, said:

“We are delighted to confirm that Waterstones will be opening a bookshop in Lichfield.

“We have long hoped to open a shop in this historic and popular city and have now found a great location for our bookshop.

“The work to fit out the shop has begun, and we plan to open our doors to customers on 20th May.

“Our bookselling team can’t wait to welcome Lichfield’s readers into their beautiful new shop and to recommend all the brilliant books waiting to be discovered.”

Luke Taylor, Waterstones

The unit has been empty since the closure of all Dorothy Perkins sites across the UK last year.

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  1. Now that’s what I call genuinely good news! It’s certainly a pleasant change from logging on to Lichfield Live to discover what moronic idiocy our MP has come up with this week. Yes, in a perfect world I might have hoped for the independent book shop of my dreams, but I’ll take a Waterstones over no proper book shop at all.

    If someone can just find us a decent fishmonger too (if Market Harborough can support one, then why not Lichfield?), then I’d say most of my regular city centre shopping needs are close to being catered for.

  2. Great news! Any city, and especially one with such a literary heritage, is enhanced by a bookshop and somewhat lacking without it. I wrote to James Daunt (of Waterstones) a few years ago to suggest that Lichfield would be an ideal place for one of their branches but had assumed that the idea was not being pursued; no doubt others have written too. Many of us are pleased to support local retailers rather than buy online. Best wishes for the new store!

  3. Great news, to quote Neil Gaiman, a town isn’t a town without a bookshop. Maybe we can get a good used bookshop next, rather than the poor selection at the charity shops.

  4. Great to hear this news. I have always regretted the fact that the City of Philosophers lacks a bookshop selling new books (though the charity used book outlets are very well-stocked).

  5. Fantastic news for the city. I have always found Waterstones and their staff, amazing.

    However, if they do have a certain someone doing the opening ceremony. I will give it a miss.

  6. A good decent shop at last. Shame there’s still so much rubbish- charity shops, vape shops, cheap cafes, naff clothes shops. Finally something that raises the standards.

  7. Wonderful! Though, it is great to buy some previously loved books in the charity, it is nice to be able to have a book store in which one can order from, seek new authors and such. Also, there is a rise in YA books at the moment in the younger population and it’s nice that Lichfield will have a Waterstones to support this newly found trend with younger people reading more. Many more improvements to make in lich, I think we need to cut down on the food and cafe market and invest more in shops and supporting the historic market (the market has really being let down by the council and town clark, awful old dictatorship and lazy leading, rising rates, very unsporting). Some good news though!

  8. In time it’ll realise they is little money to be made for its expenses here in Lichfield. Rates are high and they chose the wrong building to sell books. Give it a year an it’ll close.

  9. This is fabulous news, should be the top story on here instead of the usual depressing rubbish. It’s a really good location and will help Lichfield feel more like a proper city. Can’t wait!

  10. Don’t get me wrong, it is exciting news, and I’m really pleased too – although I’m a little surprised that many of the posters above apparently aren’t aware that the WH Smiths in Lichfield does actually already stock quite a lot of new books…

  11. WH Smiths looks awful and is awful. It’s like a primark-iceland-poundstretcher for books and stationery. Waterstones is completely different and brings quality to a much needed crummy list of shops in Lichfield.

  12. Great that a commercial bookshop is coming to Lichfield; good that it is Waterstones; but I wish to say Oxfam and St Giles in Lichfield are pretty good in terms of charity bookshops, and a credit to the city. They are tidy, organised and purposeful: paucity of stock is really not their fault. A “good second hand bookshop”, having used, worked and metaphorically lived in them, is often in the eye of the beholder.

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