Conservative councillors in Lichfield and Burntwood have been criticised over their “deafening silence” in the wake of their MP’s claims nurses and teachers broke lockdown rules by drinking in staff rooms during the pandemic.

Conservatives rosette

Michael Fabricant had claimed that “many” staff had broken the law in the same way the Prime Minister had, before later clarify that one teacher and two nurses had contacted him to say they had.

But his comments have drawn anger from unions and Sir Keir Starmer, who branded his words “a grotesque spectacle”.

Cllr Rob Birch, Labour representative on both Burntwood Town Council and Lichfield District Council, said Conservative councillors were showing support by staying silent on the matter.

Cllr Rob Birch
Cllr Rob Birch

“The councillors and party association locally remain publicly silent. 

“I assume that if they are speaking out they are being ignored. Seems unlikely though when there are so many normally outspoken Tories who suddenly cannot find their voice. 

“I for one take this deafening silence as being complicit in the comments and supportive of his views.

“To stand by in silence, whilst all this is said and continues to be added to by further utterences as time goes on, is to say you agree, or at least have no objection or concern with the comments he makes.”

Cllr Rob Birch

Mr Fabricant had been seeking to defend Boris Johnson after he was issued a fine for attending a Downing Street party.

“I think at the time just like many teachers and nurses who after a very long shift would tend to go back to the staff room and have a quiet drink which is more or less what he has done.”

Michael Fabricant MP

But Cllr Birch said respect for a sense of common decency should come before any sense of party loyalty from local Conservatives.

“I guarantee that if a Labour colleague behaved like that, I and others in our group would publicly object and distance ourselves from such abhorrent behaviour and comments.

As the saying goes ‘the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing’. Are there any good amongst them, or will they continue to support their repeatedly offensive and increasingly extremist MP?”

Cllr Rob Birch

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  1. I’m glad this has been raised. It’s disgusting that a Conservative member can say such offensive and untrue things, and not be sanctioned by the local association. One can only assume they 100% agree with everything Mr Fabricant has said?

    The same goes for Doug Pullen, who has also remained silent on Mr Fabricant’s insulting slurs.

    We should remind ourselves that, Mr Fabricant’s history of saying offensive things goes back many years….and one only has to search the internet to find them. For example, when he called a young female voter a “Tw*t”. Or when he tweeted a pic of Sadiq Khan having sex with a pig. Or when he threatened to punch a female journalist in the throat. Or when he falsely accused Kier Starmer for failing to prosecute Saville. Or when he claimed teachers and nurses were all having after work drinks, during the pandemic….

    None of the above were ever challenged by any local Conservative representatives, which I find disgusting, and also worrying. Are we to treat their silence as agreement??

    Our MP is fast making Lichfield into a National laughing stock. He needs to go ASAP.

  2. Well, at least we know what the Tory councillors think now, especially those of us working in education and health. Either that, or it’s moral cowardice.

  3. Absolutely correct. I still await a reply from any of my three Councillors.
    Meanwhile, I see that on his Twitter account our MP is urging people who are looking to a new career to visit the Burntwood Jobs Fair.
    We can but hope!

  4. Good to see Cllr Birch using the word ‘extremist’ to describe our MP, as this is precisely what Mr Fabricant is. Just a shame opposition parties and those Tories who still have some integrity are forbidden from using the word ‘liar’ in the House of Commons. This makes a mockery of our democracy.

  5. I wonder if their silence is due to a lack of local elections next month. Let it all blow over before we get a chance to make ourselves heard at the ballot box. I’ve just seen that Conservatives in London council elections are to stand under the name Local Conservatives in an attempt to distance themselves from the Liar in Chief and has corrupt band of merry men and women.

  6. I do wonder, should Johnson be forced from office (or even quit himself), just how long it will take for Fabricant to claim he always knew he was a wrong’un and that he had tried to urge him to quit for the good of the country.

  7. Now that the Conservatives have discovered they no longer have enough back bench support, I wonder what Mr Fabricant will do? Will he continue to cling to a sinking ship? Or will he change tack and pretend he never supported the PM all along?!

    Either way, Lichfield should remember just how far Fabricant went to maintain Boris Johnson’s innocence. We need to vote him out at the next election because, he no longer represents Lichfield constituents…..and if we’re honest, he never really did.

  8. As a former Conservative Cllr 1 now an independent- I am not surprised at all of the silence – it is to be expected.

  9. Fabricant is only waiting for his peerage. Alexander Johnson will nominate him in his resignation honours for being the stoolpigeon that Fabricant is. How can Fabricant have any self-respect when he ha# been led a merry dance by this charlatan of a PM. How many u-turns have there been? How many times has Fabricant voted one way then the opposite on the whim of his Adored Leader?
    He does not deserve any respect. What has done for Lichfield in the 20- odd years he has been MP? People who I know who have written asking for assistance have been fobbed off.
    What a sad little man who is king in his own little world.
    And still the local Tories will not criticise him!

  10. It is very telling that they are silent. Are they ashamed of Mr Johnson and Mr Fabricant but dare not speak their mind? Their electors will remember they did not do the right thing and speak out for decency.

  11. So we now hear the Met police are not giving the results of Partygate till after the upcoming elections.
    You couldn’t make it up.
    Disgusting cover up.

  12. Tom Loughborough – are you the famed former Tory councillor responsible for the mythical tree planting saga where you avoided providing any explanation?
    So, where do you stand on the comments of our MP?

  13. @Frustrated Voter, That is the MP who pocketed the tree funding money, who also tried doing a Johnson an pointing the blame on some one else and then tried using his own mental health as an excuse too.

    An Tom, I knew you from school, you feel ashamed an keep out of politics for the future. Pay back what you owe in full, and go do some community service, because you should feel shamed abusing the responsibility to the public, stealing from the public and all the lies that surrounded it.

    Torie MPs have a endless list of shame that they can never recover from, yet Britain has many other political parties we can vote on. Labor and others are merely shining the light bright at the far reaches of the dark corners the Tories are festering in with their cronie profiting mates. Torie interests are not of the poor and struggling but are of how full the Torie purse is.

  14. DeadTake – I would rather Tom Loughborough answered for himself. T Loughbrough -Rudd is/was a councillor not an MP.

  15. Asking for an honest response from the now independent county councillor in Burntwood is a bit like asking the MP to start holding face-to-face constituency surgeries. You’ll just get a load of meaningless waffle, arrogance and lies. In the case of the county councillor in Burntwood you’ll also get a large dose of self-pity, pinning the blame on others for his own actions and a lot of guff that seems to contradict his previous claims about his fantasy life.

  16. Today is the anniversary of the birth and death of William Shakespeare.
    “A most notable coward, an infinite and endless liar, an hourly promise breaker, the owner of no one good quality.” Who could he have had in mind?

  17. I am the very person but I’m not going to reply to the chap who confused me for an MP though I will add I myself am about to hold surgeries on May 14th in person. Let’s not turn this comment section into one on me though.

    I have avoided criticising Mr Fabricant because he has always been good to me and I dislike the very personal attacks that usually originate about his hair from anonymous online trolls. Saying that on this occasion I do feel his comments were wrong and that he should not have said them. There are many very good schools in this area including quite a few in my division which I highly respect. In fact I’m visiting one of them this week to talk about road safety and I don’t think trying to bring distraction techniques to cover for the Prime Minister is right. It is the equivalent of me being a judge running over someone then letting myself of the hook and a friend of mine saying that but the CPS guy had a traffic fine. The local election results will I think be the end of Boris anyway but he should have faced a confidence vote from MP’s by now. The Prime Minister’s actions were a complete mockery of those who missed funerals, who couldn’t visit relatives, celebrate sufficient birthdays, host retirement do’s and everyone who obeyed the rules, the rules that he himself set and I couldn’t myself defend him even from December.

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