People are being asked to help keep others safe over the Bank Holiday weekend by not visiting others if they have Covid-19 symptoms.

With many expected to see friends and relatives over the coming days, Staffordshire County Council said it was still important steps were taken to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus.

The authority’s cabinet Support Member for public health, Cllr Johnny McMahon, said:

Cllr Johnny McMahon
Cllr Johnny McMahon

“I hope our residents have an enjoyable and safe Bank Holiday weekend, but please make the sensible decision and protect others if you begin to feel unwell with Covid or other respiratory illness symptoms. 

“I know it’s tough to cancel plans, particularly when the weather is nice, but it could go a long way to protecting your loved ones and making sure there are plenty of times to be enjoyed with them in the future.”

Cllr Johnny McMahon, Staffordshire County Council

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  1. Johnny McMahon
    Title: Cabinet Support Member for Public Health and Integrated Care
    Party: Conservative

    Listen to a Tory giving Covid advice ever again? Not. a. chance.

  2. @Nodge, so you think we should ignore sensible advice around personal responsibility because it came from a Tory?

    I’m definitely not a Tory, so hopefully you’ll agree with ME that it would be wise to try to keep to others safe over the Bank Holiday weekend by not visiting them if you have Covid-19 symptoms. :)

  3. Of course, but the best way to protect our friends, family & neighbours is to never vote Conservative.

    Since the lying imbecile Bogus Johnson scrapped all protective measures, cases have rocketed and deaths are currently around 2000 a week.

    The government’s incompetence cost an estimated 20,000-50,000 preventable deaths in the first two waves. But Johnson doesn’t care because “most are over 80”

  4. Simon. You are so ill-informed it is disappointing. Omicron is mild to almost all. Covid has always been less dangerous to under 65s without serious underlying health conditions. 17,500 have died actually from Covid over the last two years. Average age of death 82.5 at which point something is going to kill them. 25-35k people die each year from flu/pneumonia. An extra 50,000 it is estimated at least will die from treatable cancer because of delays to diagnosis or treatment. Add to the]at the destruction of basic liberties by the lockdowns. Finally they delay and do not prevent catching the virus, the point was only ever to stop the nhs being ‘overwhelmed’. We have vaccinations now and those in hospital and dying now are ‘with’ not ‘of’ Covid. So please look at a few of these facts which you can find on foi requests or various articles.

  5. @David J. Sorry David, but Simon is the one who has got his facts right here. Thousands are still dying every week, while Boris is telling us it’s all over and we can all go back to partying. The UK has the highest number of deaths from Covid in western Europe, mainly due to the mismanagement of the crisis by our Government, being to slow to call for lockdowns and too quick to relax them and claim victory. Boris likes a happy story, even if he has to make it up.

  6. @David J…. Statistics are not for everybody as I think you have displayed. That said, if you have had personal experience of relatives and friends dying from any of the conditions you mention then they are not just statistics.
    Some countries take health seriously. Even wearing masks in the seasons of high contagion. That make sense to me as without good health you are essentially nothing.
    From your comments I take it you are still young(ish). You will be amazed how quickly you will age and how your attitude to death changes.

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