Residents in Burntwood are being warned that developers are still eyeing up land for housing despite opposition from councillors and locals.

House building

Cllr Steve Norman made his comments ahead of the Local Plan going to Lichfield District Council’s cabinet on 10th May.

The document outlines where new homes will be built over the next two decades in the region.

But despite some areas falling outside of these earmarked allocations, Cllr Norman said consultations received as part of the Local Plan process showed that developers still had their sights firmly set on other land across the town.

Cllr Steve Norman
Cllr Steve Norman

“I note that in Burntwood, Bloor Homes are still arguing for development on Green Belt land off Coulter Lane which they say could deliver around 480 new homes and which unfortunately the council accepted at one point to be downgraded to ‘reserved for development’. 

“Yet again, perhaps the biggest private landowner in Burntwood, London and Cambridge Properties still argue that the town centre site – known as the blue hoardings site – should be for houses alone claiming they have tried for 35 years to attract retail development. 

“Residents overwhelmingly rejected this in the recent referendum on the Burntwood Neighbourhood Plan.”

Cllr Steve Norman, Lichfield District Council

The Local Plan submission was deferred in December last year to allow for the council to assess the document against its own climate change ambitions.

The meeting of Lichfield District Council to discuss approving the document for formal submission will take place on 10th May.

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  1. If these developers had their way Burntwood would basically merge with Lichfield. I’m sick to the back teeth with developers and corrupt Governments that give them practically free reign to do what they want.

  2. Despite my disagreements with Cllr Norman on other matters he is as ever spot on when it comes to the issue of Burntwood and the bizarre obsession of property developers to continually dump houses on this town without first building the infrastructure and shopping facilities that a town of this side needs. I’d rather see positives events like the market pop up more rather than more ill thought out green belt building attempts. I won’t support any attempts to lessen the green belt for a long time

  3. Tom Loughbrough is right – we need more trees planted not houses being built.

    Oh wait….

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