New figures have revealed a huge rise in the number of people using a food bank in Lichfield.

Food bank

Statistics released for the 2021-22 period have revealed an 89% increase in those requiring assistance compared to the same period before the pandemic in 2019-20.

The increase on 21-22 was 11%, data from Lichfield Foodbank revealed.

But the charity is warning things could get worse after figures for April 2022 showed a 120% rise in usage on the same month in 2021.

A spokesperson said:

“We shouldn’t be surprised by this, considering the removal of the £20 Universal Credit uplift, the huge rise in household energy costs, the price of fuel, and food costs themselves rising.

“Inflation is outstripping household income increases, leaving those on benefits particularly vulnerable.

“Far from everyone being able to afford the essentials, many people in our community are struggling to survive with their dignity and peace of mind intact.”

Lichfield Foodbank spokesperson

The figures come despite national figures for the 21-22 period showing a 15% decrease on the previous year and a 14% increase on the pre-pandemic 20-21 year.

A Lichfield Foodbank spokesperson said:

“A city without the need for foodbanks by 2025 may look a long way off just now, but we continue to work towards this, and are working hard to support those who need our services.

“We are working with Citizens Advice and will have an adviser on hand at all of our food distribution sessions for at least the next two years – providing on-the-spot support to our users – with a focus on income maximisation.

“Given time we are confident that this support will impact positively on the number of people seeking help from us.

“The massive increase in numbers of people coming to us is stretching our food stocks to the limit, so please continue to give as you are able.”

Lichfield Foodbank spokesperson

People can find out where to donate to Lichfield Foodbank and how to access their service via the organisation’s website.

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  1. Remember when Fabricant said how honoured he was to be depicted by Coldwar Steve as feasting whilst children starved. A hideous ghoul from a party of them.

  2. “by the end of 2021 consumer prices were around 4% higher in Britain than in otherwise comparable economies that did not experience Brexit” (The Economist)

  3. I’m genuinely appalled and sickened by these figures. Michael Fabricant has some explaining to do here. It’s appalling that so many families are resorting to this, a trend that was bad enough pre-lockdown – but disastrously worse now.

    I was actually in Tesco last week where I overheard a mum from a family of four, who were buying vegetables, whisper to her husband so the children wouldn’t hear “don’t get the potatoes here…they’ll prob have some at the food bank”.

    My heart sank. These are people who have been sold down the river by an inept government, and (in this case), an MP who is more concerned with his media profile and saving Boris Johnson, than he is about his own constituent’s needs and issues.

    If Mr Fabricant spent a bit more time trying to manage his constituency problems (or indeed, agreeing to meet with them…..they would be a start), and less time on GBNews, this kind of thing might have been avoidable.

    Shame on you Michael Fabricant.

  4. @Proffesor Pineapple… The Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices has risen by 4.1% in France at the same time. So not good news for anyone really. I have always thought the ‘Independent’ is poorly named.
    It is improbable that any government would entertain re entry into the EU. Certainty France’s attitude towards us has been antagonistic on numerous levels, including illegal immigrants. A closed book now, I think.

  5. Philip – The 4% is on top of the other inflationary pressures.
    4 + 4 = 8. That is primary school arithmetic, even cabinet ministers can also do that.
    No Parliament can pass laws that future Parliaments cannot change. Parliamentary sovereignty is the most important part of the UK constitution. Neither of us can say what will or will not be the view of future parliaments.
    As to migrants, do you think pulling out of the Dublin Agreement was a good idea?
    Also, we are coming out of a global pandemic. One that has had half the economic impact of Brexit. In other words, Brexit has been twice as bad as Covid.
    No, it is not closed.

  6. We all know Mr Fabricant reads Lichfield Live as he’s posted here before. One wonders if he’ll bother to offer up his thoughts……??

  7. @Proffesor Pineapple… I don’t think your post made it obvious that you were aggregating previous increases in the cost of living. Your mathematics lesson is a bit sad from a contributor I often concur with.
    Sadly there is an even worse scenario in the real world of household shopping. Most are finding costs to be twenty five percent (or higher) on the weekly shop. How much of this is European imports I don’t know, but world transport costs and poor harvests seem to be playing a part. Traders are also increasing prices to offset losses during the pandemic.
    The Tories had Brexit as part of their manifesto. Eventually it was implemented after very poor negotiations (including Northern Ireland). I am, of course, not happy with the poor outcome regarding the trade arrangements. I cherish our independence. You may have recourse to Scotland if they gain theirs only to hand it over to Brussels. That would create a border of some complexity.

  8. Clearly the situation in this country is exacerbated by Brexit. I am noticing more an more shortages in the shops of things I regularly buy, and prices are rocketing. It can’t help that thousands of lorries get stuck at Dover, that ferry companies (one at least) has used its new Brexit freedoms to sack all its UK workers and employ cheap foreign labour, that we no longer have enough people willing to pick our fruit, so it’s left to rot, that we can’t export various food products to Europe, resulting in, for example, mountains of rotting beetroot. Our young people no longer have the freedom of movement that allowed my generation to live, work and study in 30 other European countries. It would be nice to think that we could choose to go back in, but the choice is no longer ours to make. It only takes one EU Member State to object and our application would be blocked, and we’ve shown ourselves as a country (led by Boris) to be untrustworthy, unreliable, dishonest, selfish and incapable of cooperation with our neighbours. If I were a European leader, I certainly wouldn’t have us back. Get rid of the Tories and perhaps we might just have a chance of a decent trade deal.

  9. So much for “build back better” and “levelling up”. The fact that the use of foodbanks is on the increase instead of the issue being tackled and resolved is an absolute failure of government. Whatever happened to us being the much vaunted “fifth largest economy in the world”? Shame on this government and our MP. What use are they if they can’t even get their act together on people being able to afford to feed themselves and their families? It’s time we had people in power who actually understand the issues ordinary people face instead of a bunch of out-of-touch millionaires who are just in it for themselves.

  10. Michael Fabricant simply fails to even acknowledge they exist in Lichfield, the same Lichfield he says he lives and cares about. Check out his Twitter feed….they never get a mention. He just brushes them under the carpet – out of sight, as they’re an embarrassment.

  11. God this story is depressing. I had no idea it was this bad in Lichfield. I give regularly to supermarket collections, so I’ll make sure I double my efforts in future.

    It does annoy me a tad though that, the person who should be addressing this is our MP!! He doesn’t tho? Does he even know Lichfield has residents who rely on charity and foodbanks? Does he acknowledge that there’s a is serious reliance on foodbanks in his own constituency??

  12. My husband took jars/tins of food to one of the collection points for a Lichfield food bank last week. We felt good that we able to help, but also very sad. We are both pensioners, we are not wealthy, but are willing to share what we have with the less we’ll off.
    Shame on you Michael Fabricant, the Conservative party and your pathetic leader, you are so out of touch, seeing Boris’ interview with Susanna Reid yesterday showed how clueless and incompetent he is.

  13. I don’t recall Michael ever referencing foodbanks in Lichfield? I get the impression it’s not on his radar.

    Then again, I’m not exactly sure what is on his radar…..

  14. Don’t you know that food banks are ‘uplifting’?

    Does Mikey agree with Jacob Rees-Mogg, The voluntary support given to food banks is “rather uplifting” and “shows what a compassionate country we are”, Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has said.

    He told LBC radio the only reason for the rise in their use was “that people know that they are there”.

  15. And with all the proposed new housing that they want to build by 2040 the situation is only going to get worse. What a sad reflection on a ‘first world’ country that so many have to rely on foodbanks.

  16. In 2010 The Trussell Trust ran 56 food banks.

    In 2022 this now stands at 1300 with another 900 who act independently.

    Twelve years of Tory misrule.

    World beating !

  17. Clare Sholl – The political choice of austerity began 12 years ago. Trickle-down began under St Thatcher of Tax Rises. That well-known activist lawyer.

  18. I’ve written to Fabricant asking him to give some information about Food Banks. That was over a week ago. Still no reply.

    I’m new to the area but. I get the distinct impression that the MP for Lichfield doesn’t give a toss about Lichfield. In the 7 days I’ve now been waiting for a reply, he’s been constantly tweeting about how great the PM is/how awful Starmer is (yawn).

    Why can’t he find time to deal with constituents? What have I moved into?!

  19. Mark Anderson – Welcome to Lichfield. I hope you and yours will enjoy the many benefits that Lichfield has to offer.
    As to your question; you have moved into a magical world. Importing radioactive food from Fukushima is a Brexit benefit and we have an economics graduate who ignores concepts of competitive disadvantage and ‘gravity.’ One whose defence of Owen Paterson -Kathryn Stone is “Judge, jury and executioner” would not have gained a pass at A-Level Politics & Government.
    We have a large part of the electorate who ignores the evidence of their eyes and ears.
    That said, you have much to enjoy here.

  20. Mark Anderson. You would expect a faster response. When he spends £147k on his staffing budget.

    31/03/2021 Staffing Total Staffing budget payroll costs for the 2020-21 year
    Payroll (Total Staffing budget payroll costs for the 2020-21 year) £147,673.00!/mp/240

  21. Dale does it name his staff because if you are referring to Fabricant he does not have a constituency office

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