A report has recommended plans for ten holiday lodges to built on land on a former golf course in Armitage.

The golf course in Armitage
The golf course in Armitage

Residents have objected to the proposals for the tourist accommodation on land previously used by the Hawkesyard Estate course, which closed in 2017.

Armitage with Handsacre Parish Council had said the use of the scheme on designated Green Belt should not be approved.

But a report to Lichfield District Council’s planning committee has said the scheme should be given the go-ahead despite the protections in place on such land.

“The ten holiday lodges would constitute inappropriate development which should only be approved if there are very special circumstances which outweigh the presumption against them. Very special circumstances are only considered to exist where the harm to the Green Belt is clearly outweighed by other considerations.

“The applicant has put forward what they consider to be very special circumstances in their supporting planning statement to justify the development. This includes the provision of tourism accommodation and that the extra income generated from the lodges would support the existing listed buildings.

“They note that since the golf club closure in 2017 the estate has seen a significant drop in revenue, with a further drop in revenue due to the coronavirus pandemic forcing closure of the estate for wedding and event purposes.

“They therefore consider that the overriding economic benefit of the proposals outweighs any perceived harm within the Green Belt and comprises very special circumstances to justify the development.”

Planning report

The report also outlines other benefits which the scheme would bring.

“Following concerns raised by officers in relation to the sensitive location of the development being within the Green Belt and adjacent to heritage assets, during the course of the application the applicant has proposed a scheme of restoration works to an existing Victorian quarry garden located within the wider Hawkesyard Estate area.

“The proposed remedial works to the quarry gardens are to be directly funded by the profits of the holiday lodge development.

“Overall, the proposals are considered to demonstrate economic and tourism benefits and will result in improvements to a non-designated heritage asset.”

Planning report

The meeting of the planning committee will take place on 9th May.

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  1. Ten holiday lodges in Armitage? What do they expect the occupancy rate to be? For six months of the year probably very low. For the other six months just low. No disrespect to Armitage but I have not heard of it being a holiday destination.
    Let’s be honest this is just an opportunity to miss use Green Belt community land. In due course the lodges will be declared uneconomical and a proposal to replace them with houses. The councill seem to be in the thrall of developers. They can also ignore the citizens with impunity.

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