A report has recommended councillors give the green light to plans to demolish a Shenstone property and replace it with two dormer bungalows.

Objections had been raised by both Shenstone Parish Council and Cllr David Salter over the scheme at 18 Eastridge Croft.

But a report to a meeting of Lichfield District Council’s planning committee has recommended approval.

An artist's impression of the bungalow
An artist’s impression of one of the bungalows

“The principle of the development on the site is considered to be acceptable.

“This is a sustainable location within the village where new residential development is supported in principle by local and national planning policy.

“Following the submission of revised plans, it is considered that the applicants have submitted a suitable scheme which meets with the requirements of the relevant development plan policies and subject to conditions, the development would not have an adverse impact upon the character or appearance of the surrounding area, nor have a detrimental impact on the amenity of neighbouring residents or prejudice highway safety, so as to justify refusal.

“Consequently, it is recommended that this application be approved.”

Planning report

The development proposals will be discussed by the planning committee at Lichfield District Council on Monday (9th May). Full details of the application are available on the local authority’s planning website.

Note: in the original version of this article, an image of an initial artist’s impression and not the revised one was published. This has now been amended.

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  1. Approval of this development will have a hugely negative impact upon Shenstone and surrounding areas.

    The Neighbourhood Plan for Shenstone explicitly states that this type of development should not be done. Approval will therefore set a precedent as a test case that the Shenstone Neighbourhood Plan is effectively worthless when it comes to planning decisions. It has far reaching consequences for the future of not just Shenstone but all other neighbourhoods within the district.

    Lichfield planning haven’t been able to explain how this proposal works within this constraint.

  2. Excellent news. These are very much in keeping with almost every new or renovated development in Shenstone over the last few years. People need to move forward and understand this is the future of housing. It is also great for the local property market and will only boost the already excellent desirability of the area. Absolutely delighted the planning committee has recommended approval.

  3. As the owners of 18 Eastridge Croft we would like to point out that elements of the information in this article in regard to our planning application are incorrect and misleading. This in itself could warrant unqualified and libellous attention and comments from parties seeking to comment on these plans without having full access to the information and a correct understanding.

  4. The above comment is not correct. The Shenstone Neighbourhood Plan does not explicitly state that this type of development should not be done. Section 6.10 of the Neighbourhood Plan discusses infill and backland development. It even states “with the presence of the green belt across much of the ward, coupled with the large
    gardens that many existing properties enjoy, a significant amount of new housing could come through infill development”.

    Providing the development is appropriate and doesn’t appear over crowded (amongst other criteria) and does not cause harm to the residential amenity of the neighbours then the development should be allowed. Only inappropriate infill or backland development should not be allowed. By the sounds of it, the scheme is appropriate and has complied with all points in the policy H2 and therefore has been supported.

  5. Looks like a really positive development for the area, nice to see the local planning officers are in support of progression.

  6. Details

    A lot more neighbours object to it than support it and the Parish Council objects. But why let that get in the way of a few people creating huge disruption for others to effect significant permanent change and make a bit of money.

    Plans which show one of the new houses will have a toilet accessible directly off the living/dining room.

  7. Personally i think the designs are very good, they are modern and is exactly what is needed in an old village. These are well thought out and if you actually drive around Shenstone you see many houses now being modernised. People need to realise that things need to move on.. Nobody would drive a car from the 1960’s so why do they expect people to only design houses from the 60’s.. This is 2022 not 1962….

  8. @Richard Outram: for info, the detail has come from the report of a planning officer to the meeting of Lichfield District Council’s planning committee next week as per the link in the article. Therefore if it is inaccurate it should be discussed with the council who have published this information ahead of the meeting.

  9. @Ross -For a start the image / artist impression used is taken from the initial and not the amended proposal.

  10. @Richard Outram – apologies for the confusion on that, the LDC planning application still classifies the original image as the visual representation of the bungalow but we’ve amended that now.

  11. @Ross – For a start the image / artist impression used is that from the original and not the amended proposal.

    I see someone has now uploaded the correct version which is fine. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but few know our circumstances. Policy will ultimately determine the outcome.

  12. Personally from someone who has always wanted to move into the village it’s very exciting to see new houses being built as very few come on the market . It’s very nice to see some real thought has gone into the design as so many new houses look like and are rabbit boxes. These look like they’ll really enhance the look of the area and keep it a very desirable place to live .

  13. You are absolutely right Richard Outram ‘everyone is entitled to an opinion.’ That is what Lichfield Live encourages. In light of the criticism of the many developments in the area it is not so surprising that your not inconsiderable changes would attract attention. Indeed there is also local objection to it. How you think this amounts to ‘unqualified and libellous attention’ is hardly likely to encourage support.
    You do, however, allude to ‘our circumstances’, so if you have any special pleadings which might better explain your application then I am sure Lichfield Live would be pleased to hear them.

  14. Oh my God, all this fuss over 2 bungalows? Try nearly 2,000 new homes (many poorly designed) that poor Fradley residents have had to endure over many years, and continue to do so. Or the thousands of others across the Lichfield District that are being built as we speak, again, many of which look awful. That’s more newsworthy and worthy of discussion.

  15. Totally agree with Simon.. The 3000 houses currently being built in Lichfield and surrounding areas are horrendous, They look like poorly designed Dolls houses.
    These 2 houses are very well designed, modern and replace a crumbling old bungalow. I really cannot see why people are complaining.. Perhaps it’s jealousy!

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