Calls for a cabinet member to step down over problems with a new recycling system across Lichfield and Burntwood have continued after a behind closed doors meeting on the issue.

Cllr Ashley Yeates
Cllr Ashley Yeates

Lichfield District Council met for a private briefing after the mix-up which has seen some new recycling bags distributed which are a third smaller than they should have been.

Cllr Ashley Yeates, cabinet member for recycling, has previously been urged to step down over the “monumental mistake”.

Any hope that the pressure on him would ease after the briefing session – which the public and media were excluded from – has been dashed after fresh calls were made for him to resign or be removed from his post.

Cllr Steve Norman, leader of the Labour opposition group, said:

Cllr Steve Norman
Cllr Steve Norman

“For the second time the cabinet member who sat in the meeting, but who did not volunteer to answer questions – instead leaving it to officers – and who referred to ‘some slight hiccups’ with the roll-out of the new system left members insulted again by his lack of response to questions. 

“It was at the first meeting of the new overview and scrutiny committee in July last year when the chair asked him about the progress of the dual stream recycling system.  He simply replied: ‘It starts in April’. 

“Clearly he should reconsider his position or at the least the leader of the council should reconsider it for him following last night’s performance.” 

Cllr Steve Norman, Lichfield District Council

Cllr Norman said the meeting was told new FAQs would be produced based on some of the questions that have been received by councillors.

In an email to councillors previously, Cllr Yeates told them that checks were being made on the bags but he said they were “fit for purpose”.

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  1. Councillor Yeates is just the perfect definition of the term ‘Inept’. This is his portfolio and he should either stand up and say ‘I made a gross error and I will rectify it’ or he should be removed/resign. The same should be said for whoever it is in LDC that signed it off.

    Standing on the sidelines and letting others take the flock for your mistakes does nothing but pour cold water on other areas in which the council are slowly getting things right.

    Mind you it probably doesn’t bother Cllr Yeates living in Four Oakes…..He’s probably got a blue skip!

  2. Fit for what purpose???? Blue bin one third full, blue bag overflowing with excess paper and cardboard which went into the black bin. Bag is far too small and it’s size is a negative as far as recycling ♻️ goes

  3. The amount of blue bins that were not emptied on the Curborough Road due to “contamination” was incredible. This was in spite of a statement issued along the lines of that there would be a grace period so people could get used to the new system. Jobsworths had a field day yesterday and caused misery for families who tried their best to recycle even if it meant placing cardboard in the blue bin hoping that the Cardboard Police might use their common sense. Was I hoping for too much? The ineptitude of this Council is staggering. Why didn’t every household receive a pink/purple bin instead of a pizza delivery bag? The more obstacles you put in the way of someone trying to do something new, the less it gets done. This will lead to people putting their cardboard in the black bin and defeating the whole point of recycling. What a waste of people’s time and money. I wish we had an election yesterday!

  4. It least your recycling was picked up and emptied. Our collection was on Wednesday and they missed mine. It was out on time, the bag was inside the blue bin and totally forgot. No labels on the bin to say it was being emptied because of this and that. So I have three quarters full blue bin with bottles, plastic etc and the recycling bag is full. What am I supposed to do for 2 weeks now. Been in touch since Wednesday and still no reply from them

  5. Live in Burntwood no Blue bag received yet and Black bin not emptied today.
    Why do I pay Council Tax to a bunch of clowns?

  6. My blue bag filled up in three days any cardboard or paper from the next 11 days went I’m my black bin. I have said from day 1 this will fail, recycle waste will go reduce, land fill tonnage and cost will increase, this has taken the City of Lichfield backwards in the recycling world.

  7. If the council won’t empty the blue bins it will just lead to more rubbish being “dumped” at the roadside and whose fault will that be ?

  8. If the Blue Bag had been the size that was ordered it would of been tight to keep in the blue bin also the weight would of been to heavy under health and safety regulations to pick up, especially when it picked up moisture from the atmosphere, even without it getting rained on.
    They will be to dangerous for somebody to carry down a snow and ice covered path.
    There was mentioned if we needed help, does that mean if someone will come and put them out for us.
    I don’t think the scheme as been thought about at all, with the weight of the bags, operational side of getting it into the lorry, I understand it as to tipped into a blue bin, what happens if they see something that shouldn’t be there?
    Will be collections be cancelled if the wind is above a certain speed, to stop everything being blown around.
    Have not received mine yet
    What size is the lorry, if some people have had a purple bin because the lorry can’t get to them

  9. I spoke to the bin men yesterday who would love people with 2 bins to use 1 for cardboard and the other for everything else. I could place a pink label on my second blue bin and they would happily empty it, the council told me the truck couldn’t collect two bin sources yet the 1 who came to ours had 2 bin lifts and it would do the job ? The driver said the plan was to permanently attach a large blue bin to the cardboard side then they were to decant the bags into this bin then from this bin into the wagon !!! Crazy system the guys don’t like the bags and refuse to chase them down the road. Give the people the choice LDC for goodness sake!!!

  10. The whole system is totally flawed, whoever came up with the idea needs to have a word with themselves! A bag that blows away in the wind… so store it in the blue bin you say, how long until someone hurts their back reaching over into the bin to get the bag in and out so they can put the other recycling under it?! I’m just baffled. The council have probably worked out they can save £2 somewhere later down the process but instead they are going to get themselves hit with legal claims about injuries from the ridiculous system! All it will take is for one person to slip or trip messing around with these bags and hit their heads and it’s on the council! Just give us a separate bin!

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