Council chiefs say progress is being made to tackle potholes across Staffordshire as part of a £15.5million investment plan.


Almost 1,500 were repaired across the county last month – with highways bosses expecting that figure to rise in May thanks to good weather.

Staffordshire County Council said more than 9,000 additional potholes will be fixed because of the additional funding it has set aside for repairs.

Cllr David Williams, cabinet member for highways and transport at Staffordshire County Council, said:

Cllr David Williams
Cllr David Williams

“As we move into May, our maintenance work steps up a gear so we can make the most of the good weather.

“We are pulling out all the stops to not just complete hotspot repairs, but also gully cleaning and surface dressing to ensure issues are dealt with. 

“Maintaining and improving Staffordshire’s 6,000km of highways is very challenging, especially in light of rising costs and increasing road usage.

“The extra investment we have made in our roads will help keep our roads in good condition, as well as funding improvement projects that will help the connectivity of our county.”

Cllr David Williams

Figures released by Staffordshire County Council on 2nd May showed that of the 394 potholes repaired in the previous seven days, a number were across the Lichfield and Burntwood area, including:

  • Church Lane in Armitage
  • Darnford Lane in Lichfield
  • Farewell Lane in Burntwood
  • Huddlesford Lane in Lichfield
  • Jackman Road in Fradley
  • Limburg Avenue in Lichfield
  • Longfellow Road in Burntwood
  • Main Street in Alrewas
  • Park Lane in Huddlesford
  • Plant Lane in Burntwood
  • Rochester Avenue in Burntwood
  • Rugeley Road in Kings Bromley
  • Sainte Foy Avenue in Lichfield
  • Tamworth Road in Fazeley

More details about where fixes have taken place and how to report potholes can be found at

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  1. If the repairs were carried out to a decent standard in the first place repeat visits would not be necessary a lot of repairs last less than a year, another problem is that the highway’s authority relies on the public to report faults, “if I can’t see it it doesn’t exist policy”?

  2. Where potholes are repaired in a lot of instances the join between the repair and the adjacent surface is not sealed thus water gets in and low behold a new pothole

  3. I can vouch for the online reporting system working as reported a pothole and was repaired a couple of weeks afterwards. The only issue was that they turned up at 8am in the middle of rush hour and closed the road for 20 minutes. This probably caused chaos as the road is used as a cut through for the school run. At least it’s one less pothole.

  4. I echo Richard above. Most repairs are a slap dash amd short sighted approach of just filling a hole. Many potholes have had that style repair for many years. Surely it would be more cost effective to do the job right first time, albeit more expensive, but will save the council overall? Not to mention the fewer potholes the less compensation claims they have to pay for and salaried staff that have to be paid to administer that task.

  5. I live railway Street Cannock the road is a dis grace there more pot holes some are likegratters when will these be repaired

  6. You have to laugh though. Pothole at the Island junction of Sainte Foy Ave. and Maxtock Ave. has been repaired but just a few yards ahead of this repair are two small potholes, which no doubt will get larger, were not filled in. Are the pothole fillers not allowed to use their common sense and initiative?

  7. Can we look forward to Trent Valley Road being repaired then? It is an utter disgrace. I also note that the pavement/cycle path down Eastern Avenue to Netherstowe has had new white lines painted, but no repairs to the surface. It’s like riding across a bomb site.

  8. Cycling in Staffs is like a slalom course with holes, broken surface, loose stones, sunken drains and broken glass. I spend most of my time near the centre of the road to avoid broken surfaces! They can shove those stone chippings where the sun don’t shine. They get eroded within a year so what’s the point of that. Waste of time and money. Get your priorities sorted for once.

  9. Would it not be better to use the new equipment from J C B either rent or buy which has proved to be quicker do a much better job and cheaper thus saving tax payers money

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