Passengers are being told disruption to train services between two Lichfield stations will now “continue until further notice” due to safety concerns.

Platform three at Lichfield Trent Valley. Picture: Matt Buck
Platform three at Lichfield Trent Valley. Picture: Matt Buck

Network Rail initially said it hoped to have emergency repairs to platform three at Lichfield Trent Valley completed by the end of yesterday (8th May).

But in an update to passengers, West Midlands Railway has now been confirmed that rail replacement buses will continue to operate to and from Lichfield City station on the cross city line for the foreseeable future.

The current platform had been due to be replaced in 2023, but talks are now taking place to bring that date forward after urgent issues were identified.

A temporary support structure is in the process of being installed by Network Rail to provide a short-term solution, but the work is now expected to take several weeks to complete.

The closure also means that those using West Coast Main Line services are also unable to access the bridge or lifts and will instead need to catch a link bus to the London-bound platform from the northbound ticket office side.

Jonny Wiseman, customer experience director for West Midlands Railway, said:

“I would like to thank our passengers for their patience while this important safety work is completed on platform three at Lichfield Trent Valley.

“The platform closure affects both cross city line trains and access to West Coast Main Line services so I would urge passengers to plan ahead and allow extra time.”

Jonny Wiseman, West Midlands Railway

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  1. I find it difficult to believe that this has escalated into an issue that appears to be totally out of control and unplanned by the network. I recall watching an army of workers replace the lights from my apartment above Lichfield City station last year to create an upgrade that is barely recognisable. The work took a team of approx 10 men three months to complete most of which was carried out overnight. Surely structual issues and general platform upkeep is more of a priority than changing light columns. I find it hard to understand why we as the costumers who face annual hikes in the price of journeys from LTV have to put up with such a shoddy service. I moved to Streethay because of the rail links and accessibility it have me travelling to and from work. Now I find myself having to use the car every day and paying excessive parking charges. Maybe one solution that would help the customer would be to omit the excessive car parking costs whilst this issue is being resolved????

  2. OMG what a farce…,this is forward planning at its best. Surely knowing that the platform needed updating (when there were Covid restrictions) wouldn’t this been much better time and less impact on passengers

  3. having insider knowledge the platform has been a concern for a long time. Originally the planning to install the lifts required a replacement platform nearer City and the existing across west coast main tracks section replaced by a walkway. If the speed at which the lifts were commissioned provides a guideline as to the ability to reach a rapid resolution . . . . . . don’t be surprised if the replacement buses require snowploughs fitting

  4. An absolute joke. My son travels on this train to go to and from school. He has had to use the minibus which frankly has been driving at stupid speeds and without any due care to the passengers (who I’m sure should be wearing seat belts). At one point the driver dropped them all off on the wrong side and said he assumed they were going to London! Yes, local school kids commute to and from London. I doubt these minibuses are even roadworthy. Due to this awful replacement I have had to ensure I finish work early to drive him home. An absolute farce.

  5. Replacement buses have been an absolute farce. When there are 5 taking maybe 2 passengers each between platforms, we waited an excessive amount of time for one who would actually agree to take us to Lichfield City, by which time we had missed the train. Now they have finally released some sort of timetable for the bus it appears it would be quicker for me to walk from Streethay to Lichfield City than it would be to get the Replacement bus. Surely its not rocket science to arrange a timetable for the busses that actually fits in with the trains? I can’t afford to be late for work, so I guess I’m getting up 30 mins early so I can walk to Lichfield City each day (and home again in the evening, at least then I know what time I will get to Lichfield City. Hope the repairs to the platform is speedy

  6. Confused – I share your distaste for tautology and have mused on any other type of planning.
    In and of itself, ‘forward planning’ is tautological. There can, however, be another kind of planning.
    Magical planning is the type of planning our rulers use all too often.

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