One of the new recycling bags
One of the new recycling bags

Council chiefs say they are allocating more staff to handle queries about the roll-out of a new recycling system across Lichfield and Burntwood.

The new dual stream collections see households sort paper and card into a separate bag.

But the switch has proven controversial after it emerged that some of the new blue bags that have been distributed are a third smaller than they should have been.

Confusion has also been caused after some blue bins were tagged and not collected because they had card or paper in despite initial suggestions of a so-called ‘grace period’, while some items – such as Tetra Pak-style containers – can no longer be recycled, despite packaging suggesting otherwise.

A spokesperson for Lichfield District Council said more resources were being committed to help answer queries from residents about the new system.

“We are temporarily re-allocating more people to our support desks so that we can answer questions about the changes to recycling more quickly.”

Lichfield District Council spokesperson

The local authority has not responded to questions from Lichfield Live over the new collection process after it emerged that staff were having to empty the card and paper from bags into an existing blue bin attached to the back of the new bin lorries.

Meanwhile, the Labour opposition group has criticised a lack of updates from the Conservative leadership over the issues with the roll-out of the new recycling system.

A private briefing on 5th May saw council leader Cllr Doug Pullen tell members of the local authority that a statement and updated FAQs would be made available.

This was then delayed following the resignation of Cllr Ashley Yeates from his role as cabinet member responsible for recycling.

But opposition group leader Cllr Steve Norman said members were still being left in the dark, despite assurances there would be an updated from Cllr Liz Little – who has taken on responsibility for waste collection services – within 48 hours.

“As a new ‘comms plan’ has not arrived, I am not hopeful as to progress from whoever in this Conservative cabinet is supposed to have responsibility for communicating with residents.”

Cllr Steve Norman, Lichfield District Council

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  1. Our bin collection day is a Thursday, however the Thursday June 2nd is now a Bank Holiday so when will the bins be collected ? I cannot get any answer from LDC>

  2. Still NO Blue Bags.? in many parts of Chasetown
    Brown Bins not Emptied.
    Blue Bins sighted everywhere with refusal to empty tags attached. why?
    Sightings of Blue Bag contents being tipped into Blue Bins by refuge collectors. Bags with the Bottoms ripped out of them as they are dragged along, so Heavy…. Yes LDC should be committed.

  3. This is easy! I now dump my card into the black bin! It’s not my job to sort the waste out. We pay council tax for a service. Reduce council tax and I might sort for you.

    But ultimately there was no consultation with residents of Lichfield.

    Useless approach let home owners sort it, so I am straight into the black bin!

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