An artist's impression of the bungalow
An artist's impression of the bungalow

Councillors have given the green light to plans which will see a property in Shenstone demolished to make way for two bungalows.

The development at 18 Eastridge Croft was approved at a meeting of Lichfield District Council’s planning committee this week.

The scheme had been debated after objections were raised by local residents and Shenstone Parish Council over concerns it went against the village’s neighbourhood plan.

Cllr David Thompson spoke on behalf of the parish council and local residents who were against the development.

“The Shenstone Neighbourhood Plan is one of 19 approved by this council. Just under 89% residents voted in favour with a 24% turnout – that’s higher than the recent Burntwood or Lichfield city referendums.

“Exhaustive consultation showed intensification of exhisting plot sites by sub-division was a key priority.

“The neighbourhood plan seeks to stop cramming and overdevelopment.

“There has been no subdivision of any of the other plots on Eastridge Croft – all are single dwellings on single plots.”

Cllr David Thompson, Shenstone Parish Council

But Richard Outram, who put forward the planning application, said he had been surprised at the scale of opposition to the proposals.

“We have lived in Eastridge Croft, previously at number 25, for 14 years. Due to an unexpected change in our personal circumstances we had to sell our family home which ultimately led to the purchase of number 18.

“When we made this application we truly never anticipated such conjecture and, at times hostility, as we tried to move forward and literally rebuild our lives.

“The neighbourhood plan does not aim to prevent infill and backland development. It considers it to be a useful way to meet housing demand.

“The policies have been put in place to control unacceptable development. I’ve worked with Lichfield District Council to make sure my development is not unacceptable. The scale and massing of the proposal are not out of character with the road.

“I have adhered to local planning policy and offered a scheme that increases housing supply, optimises land potential and creates good quality accommodation in an area that is increasingly struggling to meet existing demand.”

Richard Outram

Councillors eventually opted to approve the scheme by 11 votes to one. Full details of the proposals can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.

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  1. Perhaps the council might revisit this decision following the change of legislation in the Queens Speech. It is more than apparent that the council has not heeded local opinion (do they ever?) and that there is an obligation to now do so before any building takes place.
    Future applications will be scrutinised to ensure they comply and the realisation that planning applications have been abused.

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