Stychbrook Park. Picture: Google Streetview
Stychbrook Park. Picture: Google Streetview

Alternative options for the location of a new leisure centre in Lichfield are still being considered despite a preferred site being put forward, council chiefs have said.

A meeting of Lichfield District Council’s cabinet this week agreed to push ahead with the appropriation of Stychbrook Park.

The public open space has been earmarked as the location of the long term replacement for Friary Grange Leisure Centre.

The appropriation move was described by deputy leader Cllr Iain Eadie as a “technical step” which did not mean the scheme was a done deal.

“I’m conscious of many who have shared views that Stychbrook Park isn’t the right location.

“We are continuing to look at the options for delivering the leisure centre.

“While Stychbrook remains the preferred location, we are discussing other options.

“Appropriation of Stychbrook Park means that if it does become the location for the leisure centre, then we are ready and have met with necessary legal requirements for us to begin to build upon it.”

Cllr Iain Eadie, Lichfield District Council

The new leisure centre plans were dealt a blow when the Government rejected a bid for money from the Levelling Up fund to help meet the costs of the project.

But Cllr Eadie said the council would build a new facility.

“Our leader has committed to increasing the funding support from £5million to £10million, recognising in the current climate that the council will need to provide the funding to deliver this.

“We will deliver on that promise.”

Cllr Iain Eadie, Lichfield District Council

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  1. At this rate nothing will be done. The new leisure centre is another classic case of being seeing to do something whilst furiously doing nothing at all. Sounds just like Friarsgate, and we know where that happened to end up.

  2. Stop calling it a leisure centre, it’s an indoor lane swimming pool. Proper leisure centres have sports halls.

  3. Why can’t we have swimming baths with slides etc that children can enjoy? There is nothing for children around here.

  4. Perhaps Cllr Eadie and his colleagues should consider the potential of that other park site for the new “leisure centre”, ie., Beacon Park golf course. We haven’t heard anything more about that recently but they must have been looking at options for other uses when they did the survey. For inspiration they mght take a look at the leisure centre in Chesterfield which is in the park:

  5. For the love of God please look at other leisure centres and aspire to have something decent. £5 million is nowhere near enough.

  6. Chris you say the GKN site but that’s private land and would probably cost more to buy than the price of building the leisure centre. They can barely afford to cover the build costs so I’m not sure why people keep on saying it should go on privately owned land they would have to pay market price for

  7. Get Freedom Leisure fully involved & develop Friarsgate [at long overdue last] for the benefit of all. It ticks every box – even if 3 stories high. Take a look at what Malvern achieved with such collaboration. Its not rocket science!!

  8. Why isn’t Beacon Park an option. Make beacon park a multi purpose sports and leisure area, swimming , squash , more tennis courts , events arena , the events arena income could then be used to subsidise the costs of building and future operating costs.

  9. Swimming pools forced to close over chlorine shortage. Causes include Brexit, which has meant chlorine manufacturers have to obtain separate regulatory approval for their products in the UK as well as the EU, at an initial cost of £100,000 per product.

    Another Brexit dividend !

  10. @ProffesorPineapple… Production problems in China due to Covid. A serious fire in an American production plant and global shipping problems are sited as the shortage causes. Europe are equally affected by the shortages.
    None of this is down to Brexit. All the councils I have read about apologise for the temporary closure.

  11. Apart from the reasons due to Brexit, none is this is due to Brexit.

    There was a problem shipping chemicals from China to the UK, with the only route now being via Antwerp. Moreover, INEOS, the main manufacturer of sodium hypochlorite (a liquid form of chloride) in the UK, shut down its plant for May and part of June.

    As a result of Brexit, chlorine manufacturers have to obtain separate regulatory approval for their products in the UK as well as the EU, at an initial cost of £100,000 per product, but approvals only last 10 years, in a relatively small market. This has led some suppliers to buy from others that have approval, which means there are only two main suppliers left in the UK, said PWTAG.

    The Chemical Business Association said: “The horrific situation in Ukraine has wrought further havoc on an already heavily disrupted chemical supply chain caused by factors such as Covid, Brexit or driver shortages.”

  12. Perhaps Cllr Eadie and co need reminding that over 400 residents have signed against Stychbrook Park being used (search on So why are you wasting time with this ‘technicality’ Cllr? Find another site LDC and listen for once. What also happened to the second pool campaign many years ago; built at King Edwards for public use and then later closed. As always no forward thinking yet there are more suggestions on here than probably in all of the Council meetings.

  13. Professer Pineapple,
    Could you explain how the topic of this thread “Lichfield leisure centre” turns into Brexit? Also could you explain your sentence
    ” Apart from the reasons due to Brexit, none is this is due to Brexit.
    Bit Bewildering 🤔🤔 I think you should move on!!

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