Cllr Thomas Loughbrough-Rudd
Cllr Thomas Loughbrough-Rudd

A Burntwood councillor has been urged to resign after failing to turn up to an advice surgery he had arranged for local residents to discuss local issues with him.

Cllr Thomas Loughbrough-Rudd, who sits as an independent member for Burntwood North on Staffordshire County Council, had promised to host the session at Burntwood Library today (14th May).

But one resident said he had turned up to find no sign of the councillor.

“I popped down to Burntwood Library to raise an issue with my local county councillor, but he hadn’t bothered to turn up.

“He doesn’t answer his emails and doesn’t do surgeries.”

Burntwood resident

Cllr Loughbrough-Rudd, who has been a county councillor since May 2021, described his non-appearance as a “newbie mistake”.

“I got my dates mixed up in regards to my surgeries.

“It’s a newbie mistake for which I apologise.

“The next one is due in June, but if anyone needs me before then I’ll hire a local business room or carry out a home visit.”

Cllr Thomas Loughbrough-Rudd, Staffordshire County Council

The mix-up is the latest from Cllr Lougbrough-Rudd, who previously had to pay back public money in installments after taking £924 for a tree planting scheme only for it to emerge he’d never planted or even purchased any trees.

The issue led to him being suspended from the controlling Conservative group at the county council, before he later left the party altogether.

Despite quitting Hammerwich Parish Council and Burntwood Town Council, Cllr Loughbrough-Rudd continued in his remunerated position at the county council despite suggesting he would resign.

After announcing his advice surgeries in April, the Burntwood North representative said he would be holding them even though his “former party colleagues abandoned that concept a while ago”.

But after missing the surgery, one former Conservative colleague called on him to resign and make way for someone who could represent local residents effectively.

Cllr Richard Cox, who represents the Lichfield Rural West division, said:

“It’s about time the independent councillor had a reality check with his responsibilities and do the only right thing available to him – resign.”

Cllr Richard Cox, Staffordshire County Council

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  1. Please just resign Thomas. As you already intended to. As your campaign manager said you should. As your colleagues say you should. You’ve told so many lies just tell one more lie to save face and resign. By the way, how is that other police investigation going that you said you were involved in?

  2. This chap is a bloody disgrace, hes completely incompetent, and a compulsive liar.
    How on earth is he still a councillor?

  3. This whole sorry affair brings local politics & the Conservative party into disrepute. This man needs to go for order to be restored.

  4. They seek him here, they seek him there… Does the elusive Cllr reside in his Burntwood North constituency, or anywhere in Burntwood, or indeed anywhere within the Lichfield parliamentary constituency? Perhaps that is the reason that he has problems facing his constituents.

  5. I am not going to engage in a disagreement with the many nameless people who will pop up to reply to this but what I will say is this. I have spent hours and hours of my time helping local residents this week ranging from a meeting in the trident, at a residents home and checking out a road for a concerned person. I intend to spend 10-3 in Stafford on Monday handling a lot of the highways matters that I have been asked to during which time I shall reply to every single person who no doubt will email me about this matter. I spent the rest of my time this with a charity helping addiction in Lichfield which I add the county council didn’t fund to my deepest regret and with my friend dwain who has just had a baby.

    I didn’t choose to beat around the bush in this case. The fact that I forgot my own surgery is by far the daftest thing that I have ever done but it is not something that I will ever repeat. I’m sure Ill add it to the list of things people take the Mickey out of me for. I believe in engagement even if it is attacking and would meet at any time or place they choose any resident or council group that wishes to do so. The resident concerned was a former Labour council candidate who I have offered to speak to me but has of yet not took the chance to do so but in case it wasn’t clear I am sorry to Mr Galvin for his wasted journey

    I am not going to resign but I’m surprised that Cllr Cox chooses to comment but that’s his right to do so and I respect it, a view that won’t change. I don’t believe in engaging in personality politics and I’m not going to change that view regardless of how vicious people are about me.

    My campaign manager has not told me to resign by the way. Indeed I haven’t spoken to many of my former colleagues for some time for some time.

  6. I thought he’d already gone. He’s probably too ashamed to show his face in Burntwood. He has no comprehension of the responsibility a local councillor holds & couldn’t care less about Burntwood

  7. Too long to read Mr Winge bag Tom. Stop blaming everybody else but yourself for your own list of scams and lies. Grab those small peanuts between your legs, grasp the wagging tongue of lies, and resign.

  8. Tom,

    Putting aside the recent issues with your tenure, there comes a point whereby, things are just going to improve for you mate. I say this with the best of intentions. For all the good you may do in the future, the slightest mistake now will be seized upon, and the past raked up. Politics can be a viscous and unforgiving endeavour and, I just wonder whether you’re now beyond a point of things ever improving?!

    Maybe time to cut your losses, spend some time with the family, regroup, and give someone else a shot at representing the constituents?

  9. I’m sure the local Conservative party is delighted that he quit the party. But they still have a responsibility and duty of care for pushing him forward as a candidate for the role of county councillor when it was clear he was totally unsuited for such a responsible position. The association and senior party members gave him as much support as he needed when he was campaigning and mainly seemed to turn a blind eye to the long list of “daft things” he was claiming on social media during 2020 and 2021. Even tough he has left the party they still have a responsibility and duty of care. They are the ones that created this mess, although the councillor himself has clearly contributed to it by not taking responsibility and creating a fantasy world of excuses and explanations that often contradict themselves.

  10. Reply to Tom. You are either not listening Thomas or you’re lying. “Do the right thing Tom, for once, resign!!” from @KnotStafford Mar 10 2022 on Twitter on the Lichfield Live story about you being talked out of resigning.

    Maybe now you’ve heard her advice you’ll listen?

    Confirmation she was your campaign manager “My campaign manager and very treasured friend Lorrriane known on here as @KnotStafford” from @ThomasTlo Twitter Jul 1 2021. Her tweets show how incredibly supportive and caring she was of you up until the funding scandal became clear.

    You’re not so keen to take her advice since she helped secure your elected paid position!

    Let me be clear I’m without a real name where you’re concerned because I’ve witnessed how you treat people you take against (or obsess over) and how you talk about them with your friends.

    You only have this scrutiny of your life and work because of your public office. Scrutiny or criticism of you, which is in the public interest, is not your choice. You don’t get to control how your actions, or lack of, are perceived or discussed.

  11. I hope to get responses to my emails on behalf of residents on Monday, then, with your “10 – 3” in Stafford, if you have the slightest interest in Burntwood.

  12. Cllr Thomas Loughbrough-Rudd:
    “The fact that I forgot my own surgery is by far the daftest thing that I have ever done”

    dafter than the time you took nearly £1000 and refused to say what you’d done with it?

  13. A Team is only as good as it,s Weakest Link in any Rank and File.
    When is Rudd going to disappear into complete oblivion,?
    Oh! He is oblivious…
    Is there not a protocol to Sack this Man ?

  14. Who in their right mind would want a ‘home visit’ from this chap? No thanks. An absolute embarrassment (again).

  15. So I complain to our local councillor about him not turning up to his councillor surgery and it’s my fault because I previously stood for a different party to who he stood in a different area? I’m struggling to see the relevance. On the bright side I’ve had a reply to my email.

  16. So Councillor Loughborough Rudd brings local politics into disrepute. Again. The sad thing is that actions such as the tree planting that never was, and the lying about it, and the not doing anything, and then lying about that too, means that ordinary people become disillusioned with local politics and disengage from it. We are living in sad times.

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