Michael Fabricant
Michael Fabricant

Lichfield’s MP has criticised the “political weaponisation” of food banks after a visit to one helping people in the city.

Michael Fabricant met volunteers at Lichfield Foodbank over the weekend after an increase in the numbers using the facility were reported.

The Conservative MP said the use of food banks was now a worldwide issue.

“There are pockets of poverty in Lichfield as there is throughout the EU, so I was really pleased to meet a few of the volunteer at Lichfield Foodbank.

“We agreed practical steps I will take to help, which I shall take up with both national and local government, and with government agencies locally.

“There are more food banks in the EU and the US since 2010 as their effectiveness is recognised worldwide.

“Political weaponisation of food banks is counter-productive.”

Michael Fabricant

After referencing other countries in his comments on social media, Mr Fabricant was urged by Lichfield Foodbank to focus on the issues facing local residents, with the organisation pointing out that it operated four distribution centres compared to none in 2012.

But the Conservative MP said there was “one collection point and four distribution points” being run by local organisations “for convenience”.

Lichfield Foodbank’s spokesperson responded:

“There are multiple collection points and distribution centres open four days per week, strategically placed to support those most in need.”

Lichfield Foodbank spokesperson

Mr Fabricant also drew criticism from Labour’s Cllr Dave Robertson after the MP claimed 0.5% of people in Lichfield were using food banks.

The Lichfield District Council representative for Curborough said:

“He means this food bank. If he actually cared he’d know that Cannock Foodbank help people in our constituency, plus Burntwood Be A Friend, Helping Each Other Together and local secondary schools have all supported people in need over the last 18 months.”

Cllr Dave Robertson, Lichfield District Council

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  1. Of course there are more in Europe and USA, they’re larger populations. As for being political, don’t remember any under labour government.

  2. So, Mr Fabricant, nothing political about the fact that the multi-millionaire Tory Establishment are getting richer, while at the same time food bank use among this nation’s poorest is on the increase?

  3. Nothing political in the fact that since 2010 pay for nurses has increased by £3,000 (on average) and pay for MPs has increased by £12,000.
    Austerity was always political choice and never financial necessity.

  4. The trouble is the tories have enabled this by their austerity measures and are now doing everything possible to keep the status quo. All those who study these things know that means some people will do well, some will do badly, most will ‘rub along’ and think they’re at least better off than ‘your choice of words’. Hence your normalisation of othering.
    They’re enablers of this dire situation. They create division, they allow people to go ‘tribal’ in politics, they’re hideous.
    This craven mp is a disgrace. Go.

  5. The Tories have made much about their policy of ‘Levelling Up’. There is little evidence of this. There are so many families struggling with the Tsunami of inflationary costs, that have been exacerbated by the highest tax rates since the second world war, that the welfare state now relies not on the government but on the charity of others. This is down to you and your parties policies Mr Fabricant.
    Many work for poor income and benefits are narrowed to fewer entitled desperate people. If you think that growing the economy is the only way out then you are extraordinarly deluded. If it ever happens it could take decade’s. I will pardon all your (Yes all) indiscretions if you will do one thing and solicit help and support for our beleaguered citizens. That is the core responsibility of representation.
    Lastly… For those who give and those who need help from our society I marvel at the public spirit. But it begs the question…How did we get here and where is it taking us?

  6. Fabo you kept the poorest poor by scrapping the triple lock and giving pensioners 3,%increase. You and your leader Boris should be ashamed of yourselves but will not be as you are all cast in the same mould

  7. Fabrican’t isn’t in touch with reality for all his pontificating. He needs to remember that the Tories have been in power since 2010 and have eroded the quality of life with their austerity policies. Granted COVID could not be anticipated but Brexit has been a self-inflicted wound which continues to seep the life out of the economy.
    The UK needs a re-set and to acknowledge that it is the 5/6th largest economy in the world yet provides 3rd rate services. We can no longer rely on our reputation in the world to be the standard-bearer of high quality because this Government has trashed it by u-turns, breaching Treaties and bending to the whims of extreme right-wing activists.
    Fabrican’t and his cronies are not interested in the well-being of UK citizens as is evidenced by their policies.
    The UK has sleep-walked into this disaster because it has been persuaded by the right-wing Tories that life will be better under their antics when there is no underlying economic basis for their policies.
    Bye bye Fabrican’t and Alexander Johnson at the next election please.

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