The Plant Plot Garden Centre
The Plant Plot Garden Centre

The owners of a Lichfield garden centre have confirmed the business has been put up for sale.

The 3.74 acre site at the Plant Plot Garden Centre has gone onto the market.

In recent years, a number of independent businesses have also opened on the site, including a gym, car wash and craft traders.

Owner David Rusholme said he hoped the new owners would be able to continue the expansion of the centre.

“It has been a privilege to expand the Plant Plot as a family-owned, thriving independent business, which is well known and respected in the Lichfield area.

“I look forward to handing over this special place to new owners that, I am sure, will take it to the next level.

“As Lichfield continues to expand with a significant amount of new housing being constructed over the next few years there is great potential to expand the customer base to a new generation of gardeners.”

David Rusholme

The centre currently attracts around 80,000 visitors a year and has let units with existing tenants.

A Victorian house and a nursery area occupying approximately 0.46 hectares are also being sold by Savills on behalf of the owner.

Kay Griffiths, associate director at Savills, said:

“This is a thriving garden centre and retail business offering diverse income streams and can be purchased as a whole or in separate lots.

“It offers a purchaser an opportunity to take a hands on approach continuing to expand the range and scale of facilities offered or to increase the rental income by letting the garden centre which is currently owner-operated.”

Kay Griffiths, Savills

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  1. What do you think Cllr Eadie? Speak to your developer mates, can probably get 100 houses on this.

  2. @Simon – Cllr Eadie would be licking his lips – Check-out that nice big green field right behind it. You could fit hundreds more in there!

  3. Call me cynical but “significant amount of new housing being constructed” reads (to me) as – much easier to get planning permission for houses on the site of a garden centre than greenfield. Time to go start a new garden centre on some green belt land under the guise of “leisure, employment and much more acceptable than new houses or factories/shops to the locals”. Got to love the English planning system.

  4. Perfect for mixed housing. Quiet enough for the old folks yet near enough for the young uns to stroll into Lichfield. Need to make sure that no two properties on site look the same though – even the ones next door to each other. Put up a nice little convenience store opposite and widen the road. Better still construct a new roundabout with a waterless canal thrown in and set up a three way traffic management system to include the nearby existing roundabout and traffic lights to disrupt a main artery into the city from Rugeley and prevent access to the bypass. Isolate the Pub and kibosh access to other nearby existing businesses for a period of 18 months or so. Whilst this all sounds fine and dandy no community would stand for it. Wait a minute though… “fire up that leccy Jag Griedie and we’ll have a butchers at it this afternoon.

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong but hasn’t a planning application gone in recently to build houses surrounding Curborough Centre?

  6. Yes, around 700 houses will be built around there. I’m wondering, if Lichfield is almost doubling in size, shouldn’t there be plans to expand the city centre too, commensurate to the growth?

  7. Nooo I love this place !! If this actually gets purchased and re developed into housing I am done with Lichfield and off the find another village/small town.

  8. I think I was having a senior moment when I submitted my previous post. Why I thought this story was referring to the garden centre at Curborough I have no idea. My apologies.

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