A Conservative councillor says he is “absolutely disgusted” by comments Lichfield’s MP made on social media.

Cllr Richard Cox
Cllr Richard Cox

Michael Fabricant has drawn widespread criticism over the Twitter post referencing the arrest of an unnamed Tory MP on suspicion of rape and sexual assault.

In the now-deleted post, reference was made to a request by the Chief Whip for the accused MP to stay away from the House of Commons.

Mr Fabricant’s now-deleted Twitter post

Mr Fabricant told his followers that Tory MPs would be attending to support the Prime Minister and prove they were not the individual who had been arrested – and followed it up with an emoji showing a winking face sticking its tongue out.

His post drew anger from across the political divide, with Plaid Cymru and Labour representatives criticising his words.

But the Lichfield MP said many of those who spoke out online were “professional offence takers”.

However, he has now seen a local member of his own party share their disappointment over the comments made on social media.

Cllr Richard Cox, a cabinet member at Lichfield District Council and a member of Staffordshire County Council, said:

“I’m absolutely disgusted in Michael Fabricant’s comment over the rape arrest – and I’m not over-reacting,

“I’m genuinely disgusted.”

Cllr Richard Cox

Since writing his comments on Twitter, Mr Fabricant has appeared in a television interview to admit that “in hindsight” he shouldn’t have posted it – but said he liked to use his social media account “to mix in serious politics with a little bit of humour”.

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  1. Fabricant seems to be quite out of control. He brings shame on us all with his vile remarks. Clickbait run mad.

  2. Well done Cllr Cox – huge respect for you for speaking out against what he has said. If only more Conservatives were brave enough.

    Well done!

  3. I think we should use the grey boarding on the Friarsgate site, to display Michael’s tweets.

    It would allow many more people in Lichfield to decide if he is a comedian or an odious man.

  4. Respect to Councillor Cox for his unequivocal condemnation of the words of our “professional offence giver”.

  5. ‘A little bit of humour’ over an accusation of rape? Go on then Mr. Fabricant, make me laugh!

  6. Well done Richard but how much longer can you sit in the same party with this man and hold that act up? As a long serving career career you have had your chances to get rid of this MP and you haven’t. So actions speak louder then words. Saying that I have to observe that Cllr Cox seems to be the only Tory willing to criticise either Mr Fabricant or Cllr Loughbrough whose misdemeanours are a weekly occurrence almost as if they toss a coin to bail the other one. Our standard of politicians has really gone downhill. Professional offence takers! Farcical.

  7. Am I just being cynical in this is just token wordage to show the proles, that we care/ understand your concerns not

  8. To quote
    “‘In hindsight I shouldn’t have done it but… I like to mix in serious politics with a little bit of humour.’”
    Totally inappropriate attitude. There is no humour in any way relating to rape.
    Why, why, why do Lichfield people keep voting for this person?
    When are the apathetic electorate going to get off their backsides and let the Tories know their attitude to everything that is important to the people they SUPPOSEDLY represent is offensive?
    MPs are elected to serve US, not the other way round!

  9. Michael Clothtwatt is well known as making himself available for any photo opportunities and if that means making crass comments then that’s what he does. Kill that rat on his head someone.

  10. Respect to cllr Cox on this issue.
    Sadly you can see how many cllrs are in it for themselves. They are all terrified. Obviously they all think it is ok to make a joke of sexual assault.They should all be shouting from the rooftops their disgust.
    No wonder he keeps getting away with his loose mouth.

  11. Credit to you Councillor Cox for speaking out against Michael Fabricant, but what about the rest of the Tory councillors? Do they condone his behaviour by their silence, either as individuals or as a group, or do they not care?

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