Michael Fabricant
Michael Fabricant

Lichfield’s MP has been criticised over a social media post referencing the arrest of a Conservative MP on suspicion of rape and sexual assault.

Michael Fabricant was reacting to the news that the Chief Whip had told the unnamed MP to stay away from the House of Commons in the wake of their arrest.

The Lichfield MP took to social media to have his say on the issue in a now deleted tweet.

But his post drew criticism from other politicians.

Plaid Cymru’s Liz Saville Roberts said:

“Rape and sexual violence – alleged or proven – are not subjects for comic banter.”

Liz Saville Roberts

Labour’s Chris Bryant said:

“It shows callous disregard for the alleged victims, and it implies rape and sexual assault are a laughing matter.”

Chris Bryant

But despite deleting the post, Mr Fabricant told his followers that some of those who criticised him online were “professional offence takers”.

“No-one is making light of rape or assault. Far from it.

“But those who want to read something into a comment will contrive to do so whatever.

“They are professional offence takers.”

Michael Fabricant

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  1. I’m going to stop saying our dishonourable Member can’t sink any lower, because he always seems to find a way to do exactly that. This proud city is full of good, decent people who deserve to be represented by someone who reflects their values. Not this narcissistic grotesque who couldn’t care less about the immense damage he’s done to Lichfield’s reputation

  2. Just what does it take for local Conservative Party to disown this absolute buffoon. He is a disgrace.

  3. Oh not again….!! What’s wrong with him??

    Why he doesn’t he just shut up? In his little head, he probably imagines that the only people that find him offensive, are “woke lefties”. Wrong. I’m neither, and I find him embarrassing at the best of times.

    Only a person completely out of touch with normal behaviour, would tweet something like this.

    Please – Conservative Assoc, DESELECT HIM!!!

  4. This man is only interested in shocking people to grab attention.

    He’s bragged this week about his statistics on Twitter and how little he has to do with Lichfield.

    “Under 3.5% of my #twitter followers are from the #Lichfield constituency, 5.5% are in the #US and #Canada, 82% are from throughout the #UK and in the last 28 days my reach (impressions) were 15.1 million” @Mike_Fabricant Twitter May 17 2022.

    He’s on a continuous audition for his beloved GB News (or perhaps some US right wing radio station to retire to).

    I suspect many of his voters have no idea of the disgusting things he says and interacts with on Twitter. But he’s now making that more widely know by becoming increasingly hateful.

    There are some lines that shouldn’t be crossed if you expect people to continue to believe you are a half decent, capable person with any integrity.

  5. I’m happy to be a “professional offence taker” when he is making such comments without anything being done about it. I’m happy not to share his sense of humour when it is clearly based on outdated and misogynist attitudes. I will always call it out because even if just one person laughs along with him, then that is one person too many. I will never have any respect for a politician who celebrates his own arrogance and who clearly has a very low opinion of anyone who does not share his viewpoint on every single issue, particularly if you dare to be a woman who disagrees with him.

  6. He craves the notoriety and he has a dedicated band of cheerleaders on Twitter who lap this up. Fabricant will be absolutely delighted at how today has played out because he’s being talked about nationally again. It is all he cares about. That Lichfield and it’s electorate are being nationally reviled once more doesn’t bother him in the slightest.

  7. I didn’t vote for Mr Fabricant and never would vote Tory so there is no need for any Conservatives to take account of my opinion. But you’d think that some Conservative voters and some local Tory Councillors might like to disassociate themselves from this man who’s making the city a laughing stock (again).

  8. An essential requirement of any politician is knowing where to draw the line, especially when referencing something as serious as rape. It is evident to me that Michael Fabricant doesn’t have this requirement. Indeed he sounds as though he doesn’t believe a line exists. If he was true to his apparent belief that he can say a anything then why did he delete these hurtful and crass comments, and point to those such as Chris Bryant as being just sensitive “woke lefties”. Why not just admit that he shouldn’t of made these comments.
    I’m struggling very hard not to get personal about this man but then I think I know where the line is.

  9. I can only endorse the previous comments. How much longer will our local Tory party continue to support him as our MP and by implication, what he says and how he disrespects his constituents by his remarks?Once again, shame on you Michael Fabricant.

  10. Best to ignore his attention seeking comments. He clearly craves the publicity as he hasnt got much else to claim to have achieved.

  11. Michael fabricant is attention seeking again and obviously has shown he needs some professional help 1 we should feel sorry for him and Boris – they are deluded , insulting and gutter press humans . In this they are not fit fit for office and should GO NOW

  12. Was the Member for Lichfield in The House for PMQs today? He certainly wasn’t sitting in his customary position.

  13. Not again! Please Michael now is the time to seek professional help – you really can’t go on like this. Hopefully you’ll post your success story of overcoming your problems soon….

  14. Wouldn’t it better if all politicians were banned from all social media and having phones in the Houses of Parliament, therefore conducting themselves in a traditional democratic manner.

  15. Fabricant strikes again. This time even his own side seems to want to distance themselves. It’s only Wednesday and we have had this, Cllr Eadie’s arrogant statement on house building, former Tory Cllr Loughborough-Rudd missing his own surgeries (and refusing to resign) and another Tory Councillor (and politician) saying politics has no place in local government. God help us all with this lot in charge of LDC and Staffs CC and of course we can expect more our local MP to cause further embarrassment and offence.

  16. “Professional offence takers”? I’ve never heard of anyone being paid to take offence, but we do seem to have a number of professional liars in the Tory Party, and the entire country is paying the price for that.

  17. There are lots of books and articles being written about the damaging impact of excessive social media use on our young people. I feel we may need to focus more on its detrimental effects upon the elderly, our 72-year-old MP being a case in point. I think we need to help our pensioners to live more fulfilling lives instead of shouting into the void of Twitter, it is sad.

  18. Clare Sholl – “Professional offence takers” is another three-word slogan. From a man and a government who think we are so stupid that we cannot understand actual policies. Slogans are no substitute for action, yet they continue to patronise us with these banalities. Only those with no self-respect could vote for someone who thinks they are stupid.

  19. Fabbers aks Mr Fabricant I believe was using what is colloquially known as “Gallows Humour” it’s not a wit that’s widely understood by at least ninety percent of the population
    In this sterile environment that’s is our world such humour is looked upon as bad form

  20. @Mr Pink – I’ve lived in a family of nurses and doctors. I know gallows/dark humour. The medical profession uses it extensively and it’s proven to help reduce the emotional stress that is a major part of such professions. Mr Fabricant’s comment was not gallows humour, it was simply poor taste.

  21. Mr Pink. Is that you Mr Fabricant in disguise? The self obsessed, arrogant and antiquated statements that you post display very similar traits. I wonder if you would appreciate such poor humour if it related to a victim in your family.

  22. Spot on Clare. Love the apostrophe, not spotted that before myself you may have started something.

  23. Michael Fabricant can no longer claim to represent his decent constituents as he continues to bring shame on himself, his constituents and Lichfield. The only support he seems to have is from his constituency party officials and local Conservative councillors, all of whom have been remarkably silent about his abhorrent views during the last few years, which one can only assume they support as they haven’t challenged him. He would do Lichfield and us all a favour if he followed their keep silent example.

  24. Oh dear, the dreary whinging loony leftie woke brigade have all got their knickers in a twist again. I look forward to Mickey F easily keeping his seat as he always does in the next election.

  25. As you will have read in Lichfield Live, being ‘woke’ is being against social injustice.
    I have a question for you, are you in favour of social injustice against yourself?

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