A festival in Lichfield
A festival in Lichfield

Streets in Lichfield city centre will become home to the Spring Food Festival this weekend.

The event will take place on 28th and 29th May.

A spokesperson said:

“Come along as we line the streets of Lichfield with food, drink, arts and crafts traders from across the UK.”

Lichfield Food Festival spokesperson

For more details, visit the event Facebook page.

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  1. For crying out loud Rich, for you it’s only a ‘minor inconvenience’ for just a couple of days.

    Remember that for the best part of the past two and a half years we’ve all been at the mercy of Covid-related restrictions, and events like this should ultimately provide some light relief for many of us, whilst at the same time helping Lichfield (and Staffs) to bounce back and regain recognition again post-pandemic.

  2. Hi Rich

    Thank you for your comment – tell you what why don’t you come down to the George Hotel on Wednesday evening at 7pm and come and see what goes into putting on a Festival in the City.

    How we engage with local businesses and residents to make sure everyone benefits from the footfall.

    Come down, ask questions, have a cuppa – the offers there!

  3. It’s a joy to be out and feel the buzz around us. It will be busy, but there are quite areas to go to. So embrace and enjoy, not only the hard work, but people’s lively hood.

  4. Exactly Shazza.

    Many people, especially these days seem to be so unduly cynical and up themselves over virtually anything and everything, and generally ungrateful!

  5. Advice to fellow dog owners: leave them at home! We made the mistake of taking ours once and they got repeatedly stood on and seriously stressed from the cramped conditions at the busy pinch-points around town.

  6. Thank you to everyone who organises the festivals and events, I live in Lichfield and I love all the stuff that goes on, and I’ll be shopping in town whilst grazing my way round the stalls. As Linda advises…will be leaving the dog at home it’s waaaay easier for all concerned.

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