Food bank

Lichfield Foodbank is appealing for urgent donations of key items to support local people in need.

The group says it is running short of a number of essentials such as:

  • Tinned meat
  • Tinned soup
  • Dry pasta
  • Long-life milk
  • Long-life fruit juice
  • Tinned vegetables

A spokesperson said:

“We are currently desperate for donations to enable us to keep supporting those who need our services.

“We know it is a difficult time for everyone, but we really need donations of all of the basic foodstuffs.

“If you are able, please help.”

Lichfield Foodbank

The appeal comes after figures revealed there had been a huge increase in the number of people using the food bank in Lichfield.

People can find out about how to donate via the Lichfield Foodbank website.

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  1. On Monday I walked past the food bank in Curborough community centre and witnessed 2 people leaving with 2 carrier bags full each and get into a large Vauxhall car in the car park and drove off ? Leaving 3 young people talking in a foreign language rifling through 6 carrier bags outside the main entrance ? So you can see my reluctance to participate untill the council makes sure that the receptors are genuine people in need ? SORRY but Charity begins at HOME for ME !!!

  2. I often wonder about this. We hear so much about people now using food banks, I suspect many more people are aware of them and some will take advantage. If nobody checks who is genuinely in need then anyone can go and grab some free food. I often see people using food banks, and they then get out their new Iphone, with internet access and all. Some will then be going home to their 50 inch tvs and watch Sky. I heard someone complaining on the news recently that they can’t take their kids to Alton Towers anymore. Am I supposed to pay more tax so she can take her kids to Alton Towers?

    Don’t misunderstand, I’m all for helping people who, through bad luck, have genuinely fallen on hard times, completely agree with that, but this country has become one of entitlement, expecting hand-outs and taxpayers to fund their lifestyles. It’s gone too far (like most things have in the UK because of the namby-pamby brigade).

    There needs to be some balance. Genuinely can’t afford to heat and eat, you should receive help. Can’t afford your cigarettes, Iphone, Sky or taking the kids to Alton Towers, jog on!

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