The caravans on the land between Curborough Road and Dimbles Lane
The caravans on the land between Curborough Road and Dimbles Lane

A group of travellers have set up camp on open space opposite Stychbrook Park in Lichfield.

Three caravans and vehicles have moved on to the parkland between Curborough Road and Dimbles Lane.

Police and council officials have been at the site this evening (25th May).

The group’s arrival comes after Lichfield District Council’s chiefs admitted the lack of official provision for travellers in the area would be a “vulnerability” of the new Local Plan.

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  1. Michael Fabricant is an embarrassment to the people of Lichfield, continuing to defend the indefensible Johnson . He should resign along with the rest of the Tories !

  2. Your off topic Karen !!! Don’t blame Boris for the travellers lol
    Biros is no worse than Labour, “Beergate” comes to mind?

  3. What has Boris got to do with traveller’s setting up an illegal camp site in Lichfield or does the lady know more than the general public? (Or it could be another snide attack on our Prime Minister)

  4. What’s it got to do with Boris ? Most politicians are self serving…so called travellers always do what they want and are not interested in the laws of the land they parked on the land next to me last year…throwing there filth on the foot paths hanging washing in the trees riding quads around the fields ..they don’t care who’s in power ?

  5. @Janet Roberts, Dont try to defend the PM and call him “our prime minister” as for one have never voted for the destructive clown in goverment who lies through his teeth more then our worst criminals.

    I wonder if these travellers are same ones whom set up down the cycle track near tesco express a few years ago

  6. Im surprised that the travellers with very expensive vehicles have found an open space in Lichfield to camp on ? With Lichfield Councils policy it’s a wonder that a housing estate hasnt been built on it yet ? The field is normally secured by a locked barrier to stop vehicular access so surely they could be prosecuted for breaking and entry ? Are Lichfield Police too soft on law breakers AGAIN ? Give them 14 days to vacate and leave a mess for the taxpayers to pay to clear again !!!! I give up now !! SAD 😢

  7. ” Are Lichfield Police too soft on law breakers AGAIN ? ” Hmmm There are no Police in Lichfield. Their Station, in Frog Lane, was demolished a few years ago.

  8. Steve Morgan & ML – strange comments to make when the travellers’ incursion is only 0.8 mile from the new Lichfield Police Office, that replaced the premises in Frog Lane, so it must have been very convenient for the stated visit that they have already made to the encampment.

  9. Think I might become a Traveller. Live where I want, break an enter on public property. Dump my rubbish where I like (they don’t have to worry about those useless blue bags). Don’t have to worry about the cost of housing. Don’t have to worry about cost of living crisis. No worries on which over subscribed dilapidated school to send the kids to. Seems their life is a lot simpler. Think it’s us law abiding tax payers who are a menace to society to be honest.

  10. Karen Tyson trying to score cheap political points forgets the destruction Blair did to this country.
    How well does Blairs human rights legacy help illegals? Oh yes forgot that of course.

  11. What happened to the barriers at the entrance to the park? Hmmm, tell you what, there’s 20 metres of barriers that have been left for over 2 years in the road at the so called domestic recycling centre that is a commercial dump in reality, use then barriers. Move the tip, it’s beyond a joke. Fabricant and LDC. you are all useless.

  12. Some disgusting but wholly expected comments here. Lazy, uneducated and blatantly racist assumptions. Travelling communities are part of British heritage yet they’re treated appallingly. I’d recommend the bigots commenting above do some research into what life as a traveller is really like.

  13. Steve Edwards
    First they came for the Blairites, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Blairite

    Then they came for the Remainers, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Remainers

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  14. Your not allowed to gain access to the new police station,a female friend of ours was being followed in her car she stop at the police station and was told to go home and ring 999,so it may look nice but it does sweet f a for Lichfield folk

  15. Roger N. So that’s why the police have a large remote controlled gate at their new premises- to keep the travellers out! No fools are they.

  16. It’s ironic that the travellers have been camped on the site of the former police station and next to LDC in Frog Lane. Whether it was deliberate or not who knows but was a sign of how powerless the authorities are to stop them.

  17. Didn’t they evict travellers from here at the end of last year.The barrier that closes the end of this field is not effective enough, a metal swing arm barrier, A pair of boltcutters would have seen to the flimsy padlock that was on the barrier. I thought Lichfield council were providing travellers with a plot to use. Maybe they would like to rock up into the council car park next or even beacon park when it’s bower weekend next week….let’s see how fast they get moved on then. Maybe if the area the council provided for them had decent basic things like toilets,shower block and bin services they would not need to keep going onto green spaces.

  18. @Matt- and I would recommend that you do some research into the inevitable aftermath of their visits.

  19. @A concerned citizen: According to the council website “Most Gypsies and Travellers living in caravans or mobile homes live on authorised sites” and this is backed up by the government’s own statistics. However, there is no official site in Lichfield District, and so we have these unauthorised encampments and the problems they create.

    @Mrs H: Matt is quite right to raise concerns at how travellers are treated. These communities have faced hostility and prejudice for centuries, including experiencing a similar genocide to the Jews during the Holocaust. What a shame people can’t have a more constructive conversation about providing an authorised site – potentially one owned and paid for by the travellers themselves – with the necessary services for them to take responsibility for their land just as other householders do.

  20. Johnson’s lethal mix of snobbery with yobbery is far from doing a good job.
    I have no intention of moving on from this lying and law-breaking to the next. How a a Pm who lies and breaks the law be doing a good job?

  21. Clare – It’s a shame that most people’s experience of travellers is that they choose to trespass often cutting through locks to do so, leave behind mess and distribution and generally create grief for everyone everywhere they go.

  22. @Clare – What makes you think that people who routinely cause criminal damage to locks and gates to gain access to land, leave rubbish after staying and cause problems during their stay would pay to use an official site? It’s quite a leap of imagination isn’t it?

  23. I think people should, within reason, have the freedom to live their lives as they want to. But, with freedom comes responsibility. There was an article on here recently about the council providing a dedicated site for travellers. Did the council buy my house for me? Why should the council fund a site for them? Surely they can fund this themselves. They certainly don’t do their credibility any favours by trespassing on land and leaving a disgusting mess behind. If they want to live a nomadic life, fair enough, but they shouldn’t expect the rest of us to pay for it.

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