Cllr Alastair Little and Michael Fabricant MP
Cllr Alastair Little and Michael Fabricant MP

A councillor who quit the Conservatives over the embarrassment of the national partygate scandal has branded Lichfield’s MP “a disgrace”.

Cllr Alastair Little’s comments come after Michael Fabricant spoke in the House of Commons following the publication of the Sue Gray report into gatherings at Downing Street during lockdown.

The Conservative MP said he could “understand the outrage and anger of people” who had lost loved ones.

He added:

“But I also understand, having been an employer, that attending an event where someone is leaving is considered to be a work event, and my Rt Hon Friend clearly got guidance from civil servants that turned out to be wrong.”

Michael Fabricant

But Cllr Little, who represents the Hammerwich with Wall ward at Lichfield District Council, said the MP’s ongoing defence of Mr Johnson was “an embarrassment”.

“Michael Fabricant has blamed the advice given to Boris Johnson – can he now comment on the missed funerals?

“As this disgusting human has pointed out I’m not a resident of his, but many residents of the area I represent that he has forgotten are and are in the same situation as myself and lost loved ones.

“Michael Fabricant is a disgrace and an embarrassment to elected office and should – along with his idol Boris – leave office ASAP. 

“To have the Prime Minister say he has been misinformed by junior staff as to what a party is, or is not, how can we trust him to run the Government?

“How can we trust a local backbench MP who worships his boss to represent the views of Lichfield and Burntwood?”

Cllr Alastair Little, Lichfield District Council

“Anger is misplaced and that rarely achieves anything”

Mr Fabricant told Lichfield Live he could understand the “bitterness” felt by some over the issue.

“I am really sorry Alastair feels this way.  He is clearly very upset and angry.

“Boris Johnson lost his mother during the pandemic and I know many people in Lichfield and Burntwood who were unable to attend funerals and weddings due to restrictions in place at the time.

“I do understand the bitterness some people feel, though Alastair’s anger is misplaced and personal abuse rarely achieves anything.

“As the Susan Gray report revealed, most of the activities that broke laws in Downing Street happened without the knowledge of Government ministers and involved mainly junior civil servants and special advisors. Most no longer work there.

“Downing Street isn’t a small terraced house, it is over 57,000 square feet of offices with hundreds working there and the events that happened on Friday nights were when the Prime Minister had already left for Chequers 50 miles away.

“I don’t completely condone Boris Johnson – my best friend’s mother died in hospital with Covid and he wasn’t able to visit her -but I do have to look at the bigger picture.  I believe he has got the big calls right whether it was placing bulk orders for vaccines before any other country in the world or placing troops and military equipment in the Ukraine months before the invasion.

“I have to take all these factors into account and not simply descend into unreasoned rage.”

Michael Fabricant

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  1. Reluctantly, I agree with Cllr Little. As a lifelong Conservative, I find it increasingly difficult to justify allegiance to the party, and more so, support of Michael. What I heard from Michael yesterday in the Commons was, a not-so-delicate sleight of hand…….which was utterly beneath contempt.

    I now have no alternative but to remove my party membership, and my support for the party I once loved. I would urge any other person who cares about Lichfield and its reputation, to do the same.

  2. Our MP has gone beyond simply embarrassing the constituency he is supposed to represent. Continuing to defend the current Prime Minster actively undermines our parliamentary democracy.

  3. What I say is not unreasoned rage, I just feel ashamed our MP is dragging Lichfield and Burntwood through the gutters nationally – we deserve better . RESIGN Michael you seem to be a professional insulter at present rather than a representative

  4. @ Michael Fabricant: “I don’t completely condone Boris Johnson, but I do have to look at the bigger picture.”

    The bigger picture is that Boris Johnson is a career liar who built his reputation as a journalist who told lie upon lie about the EU. But then Michael Fabricant is also a liar – remember the one about how we would “automatically” be members of the EEA if we left the EU, Mr Fabricant? Hardly surprising if the truth is finally catching up with them.

  5. Surely, it was former Health Secretary Matt Hancock who was responsible for placing large orders for vaccines after seeing the film “Contagion”, and what happened to him? Oh yes, forced to resign in disgrace by Boris for breaching Covid rules.

  6. Maybe we should join the local Tory party and instigate a vote of no confidence in Fabrican’t and deselect him.

    The man is a Boris toady. Next stop the House of Lords for MF unless Alexander Johnson abandons him as he has a tendency to throw others under a bus to protect himself. Alexander will have no respect for MF and sees him as cannon-fodder.

  7. Fabricant just seems to want to offend as many people as he can with his crass and odious comments. However I think he might now have a rival in Richard Bacon MP for South Norfolk for the most ridiculous comments in defence of Boris
    Richard Bacon: Conservative MP suggests NHS staff ‘let their hair down’
    Where do they find these people…
    Back to Fabricant’s musings in Parliament. I cannot think any responsible employer would have arranged a leaving party for anyone during the lockdowns. It simply was not allowed and everybody knew it. To try and claim it was somehow justified as it’s part of work is total nonsense. Anywhere else Boris and all of those who participated in the parties would have been dismissed for misconduct. However because this is central government/Parliament the rules do not apply which makes it even more frustrating to see how they have got a way with it.

  8. It would seem the Conservatives have scored a tactical coup. By diversion and procrastination they will have swept their disgraceful activities under the carpet and coerced erstwhile decent people and organisations to support them in the process.
    It will be a pyrrhic victory. Nobody sells their good name and integrity without consequences.
    What has happened to this country when we cannot find leaders of stature and quality. What we are seeing now is a cheep soap opera.

  9. I am saddened that we have an amoral toadying fool to represent us. Does he think we are stupid? Or does he just not care? I think I know…..

  10. Fabricant seems increasingly willing to make outrageous, clickbait comments in an attempt, I can only assume, to kickstart a media career with GB News – or any other tinpot, right wing cable channel that will give him airtime.
    He has no time for or interest in the concerns of his constituents. He is turning Lichfield into a laughing stock. How often have I seen comments of the “Lichfield must be an awful place – look who it elected to Parliament” variety in recent months.
    Fabricant is a wealthy man. He doesn’t need to do this. He should put us all out of our misery & shame and go.

  11. Fabricant us my MP , he’s a good man. Little on the other hand is my councillor. It’s little I’m voting out next local election. At least fabricant keeps loyal to a party.

  12. Cards on the table here, Michael is selling Lichfield down the river, by forging out a future career on GBNews. He’s obsessed with his own profile, the number of Twitter followers he has, and his own self promotion. He nares not one jot about Lichfield. His current shtick is daily appearances on GBNews, while slagging off everyone and anyone, particularly Angela Rayner, it seems. He’s a nasty piece of work, with a history of nasty, unprofessional behaviour.

    Lichfield needs a proper MP, be it Tory, Labour, LibDem – it doesn’t matter. ANYONE other than this poundshop Trump.

  13. @John “At least fabricant keeps loyal to a party.” – that is literally the worst thing about him. He doesn’t care about his constituents, he doesn’t care about his country. He will happily see both damaged. He has no principles, no beliefs anymore, the things he says flip all over the place to keep up with the official party lie. The only things he cares about are propping up his corrupt party, its lying leader, and having his face on TV.

  14. Just when will the local cons assoc see the light of da6 and deselect this idiot and get us a human candidate?

  15. I have heard this morning a real pearl of distraction utilised to mitigate the culpability of the Tories, especially Boris.
    Apparently they might occasionally ‘mislead’ parliament and the public while none Tories just tell Lies!
    Much has been said about the gravity of what went on in Downing Street. It cannot be taken out of context and the situation prevailing at the time. Shameful people lie; even to themselves, but to parliament and the country that is unforgiveable.

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