People are being invited to attend an event in Lichfield to find out more about the future of health services across the region.

Representatives from the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Integrated Care System will be at The George Hotel on Bird Street from 7pm to 8.30pm on 12th July.

As well as providing information on the move from six Clinical Commissioning Groups to a single Integrated Care Board on 1st July, the session will also give people the opportunity to find out how they can get involved in helping to shape the future of local services.

Prem Singh, independent chair of the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Integrated Care System, said:

“Our health and care system is evolving and we are working hard to deliver national changes.

“At the heart of our work is delivering more joined-up care and delivering better and fairer outcomes for local people.  

“We want to keep people informed and involved at every stage of this journey and share what these changes will mean for local people.

“I’m looking forward to being able to get out and about, listening to people through face-to-face events for the first time in over two years.”  

Prem Singh

Online sessions will also take place at 1.30pm on 17th June and 7pm on 28th June.

People can register for a free place at any of the sessions online or by calling 0333 150 2155.

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  1. No, the health and care system is not evolving, it is falling apart at the seams. Wake up guys.

  2. We need an A&E department at Lichfield hospital. Lichfield is growing and it is unsustainable and frankly unacceptable to expect people in need of medical treatment to travel to Burton, especially those that cannot drive. It also puts more pressure on ambulance services in cases of emergencies as they have further to travel. Please sort it!

  3. Alas Mr Singh , Most of us are not familiar with the jargon. You will need to begin by exlaining what CCGs are and how they relate to us then explain what a new integrated board will be. Then explain how that relates to doctors surgeries and patient appointments. Then maybe explain why we don’t have enough practices in Lichfield or enough doctors to fill them. Tough job.

  4. Every week I watch PMQ’s. Every week MP’s ask for a hospital, for their area.

    What does our MP do? Ask if the PM knows how wonderful Andy Street is.

  5. This morning I spent between 8am 835am trying to get through to my doctors then sat in a queue with 5 calls in front of me only to be told no appointments were available call back at 12pm!!

  6. To be cynical I wonder if, like many public services, the Tories are steadily distancing themselves from the NHS. I know many who have been forced to go private because of long waiting times. There has been steady retreat from dental, eyesight, and old age commitments. True the population growth has created difficulties but this should have been forseen. I am sure that an insurance based medical care system is around the corner, with charity hospitals for some.
    Are we seeing the demise of our much acclaimed social services and the emergence of capital driven health? That’s how it works in America.

  7. Mr Hunt started the massive decline in our NHS as he was all for the US health insurance based system.
    It is on its way.

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