The previous bus stop on Chase Road. Picture: Google Streetview
The previous bus stop on Chase Road. Picture: Google Streetview

Councillors will decide whether or not to replace a Burntwood bus shelter after a mystery over who owned the previous one.

The concrete structure on Chase Road was branded “potentially dangerous” in a report to Burntwood Town Council’s policy and resources committee.

It was removed earlier this month, but efforts to find out who owned and was therefore responsible for the shelter have drawn a blank.

But councillors at the meeting next week will be urged to decide whether to take on future ownership of a replacement.

“After confirming that it wasn’t owned by Burntwood Town Council, the town clerk reported the issue to Staffordshire County Council and notified the county councillor for the division.

“The county council initially denied ownership of the shelter and referred the matter back to the town council.

“Working with the county councillor, Burntwood Town Council’s leadership reached an agreement where they would remove the dangerous structure as soon as possible, and the town council would consider adopting the bus stop and providing a replacement bus shelter.”

Report to Burntwood Town Council

Initial figures suggest that a replacement would cost around £3,500.

The policy and resources committee will meet on 8th June to decide whether to adopt the bus stop and begin looking into a potential replacement.

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