Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament
Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament

Lichfield’s MP says he will be supporting Boris Johnson after a vote of confidence in the Prime Minister was confirmed.

The poll of Conservative MPs will take place later today (6th June).

At least 180 Tory MPs would need to vote against Mr Johnson to see him outed as party leader.

Former Minister Jesse Norman is the latest Conservative MP to publicly speak out against the Prime Minister, highlighting a number of issues including the planned sell-off of Channel 4 and the controversial proposal to send refugees to Rwanda.

But Michael Fabricant has confirmed on social media that he will not be one of those seeking to oust Mr Johnson.

“I will be suppporting him [Boris Johnson].

“Reading Jesse Norman’s statement, this vote has more to do with political direction than Partygate.

“I respect Jesse, but I support our stopping cross-Channel illegal immigration, the sale of Channel 4 to strengthen it, and a tough line with Russia.”

Michael Fabricant

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  1. Why is Fabricant inferring that Jesse Norman is disagreeing with the current attitude to Russia? The letter is actually quite complimentary in that regard.

    Could it be he’s just making stuff up again to distract from the actual content of the letter?

    Surely not.

  2. Call me old fashioned, but I like my leaders to have integrity and to be honest. Boris Johnson has proven he has neither characteristic. The only thing Boris Johnson cares about is Boris Johnson and it’s time for him to go. Even if he survives the vote this evening it will be a Pyrrhic victory. It’s a sad state of affairs indeed when the proven liar Boris Johnson is seen as the best the Tory party has to offer.

  3. He has no shame, does he? Michael was voted to represent the electorate of Lichfield and, time and time again he has ignored them. The vast majority of people now think Johnson should resign (most polls show a +60% in favour of him resigning). Michael is clinging onto power, with a resolute two fingers to Lichfield.

    Quite simply, whatever the result of the leadership contest, Michael needs to go, too.

  4. No surprise there then… the rat is still clinging onto the sinking ship hoping to pick up some scraps like a knighthood or other gong before the ship finally slips below the water.

  5. He couldn’t wait to get on his favourite GB News to tell both viewers his opinion. Strawmanning is his speciality. I am not confident he is capable of understanding, let alone representing my views; his continued unthinking support for the clearly deceitful, amoral PM is beyond belief. I have asked him, with no reply yet, what exactly it would take for Johnson to lose his support – it seems that lying and lack of integrity is not enough for Fabricant.

  6. As this is probably the beginning of the end for Johnson let’s also hope it’s the end for the sycophantic MP we have representing us!
    Honesty, integrity that’s what I want from my MP, with his blind following of this proven liar I see neither coming from Fabricant

  7. Fabo is a sad man who gets a big salary plus £250 k in expenses, he is petrified that he will loose it and have to rely on his GB News payments

  8. We do not have a say on who our President (oh! sorry I meant Prime Minister) is. He is elected from within his party. Even when we direct our locally elected MP to follow his constituents opinions he, selfishly, ignores us.
    Being rich and having had private education is a potent network in politics. We are still ruled on class lines.

  9. I wrote to Mr Fabricant earlier today:
    “I trust that your vote tonight will be for honesty and high standards of morality in public life, qualities which the Prime Minister has failed to demonstrate.”
    Naive of me, perhaps, but I had hoped after the theme of yesterday’s service in the Cathedral, which Mr Fabricant attended, and the sermon preached by Bishop Michael, that the ideals of honesty and decency emphasised there might have been noted.
    Mr Fabricant’s reasons for supporting Mr Johnson are as spurious as his reasons for supporting imperial measurements. The comment on the “tough line on Russia” must bring a smile to those who have taken advantage of Russian donations to the Conservative Party, and who have supported the elevation of a KGB officer’s son to the peerage.

  10. Of course he supports him, his knighthood for services to station lifts depends on it.
    Read the room Fabricant.

  11. Boris the buffoon has said that he takes full responsibility for the events at No 10, but he hasn’t has he? If it were the case he would have done the honourable thing and resigned. It’s not as if he has covered himself with glory in other areas. For our MP to continue to defend him confirms once again how completely out of touch he is.

  12. John Fabo is after a Gong,a knighthood and elevation to the lords he is not interested in Lichfield at all

  13. That’s fine Michael, you vote how you want to. We will do the same at the next General Election; judging by opinion polls and the comments on this article we will have a new MP who represents our interests.

  14. Boris says he would have done the same again regarding partygate even though he made a feeble apology. Has the man no scruples and to support him taints those who blindly follow him including you know who.

  15. Mr Fabricant has compared today’s vote of confidence to the Normandy landings in 1944! How can he compare the fight against fascism and the sacrifice of so many young men to a squabble amongst Tory MPs about a discredited Prime Minister. It is not a joke as it is not funny. This comment is a disgrace.

  16. Difficult to see how Johnson can hang on now 148 of his parliamentary representatives want him to go. A mathematical victory maybe but a moral rout.
    Throughout all this sorry mess it is now good that his party has demonstrated humanity for those who have suffered and been lied too. More principled politics is much needed and this will help heal the wounds…. after he has gone of course.

  17. We have to endure the 2 untrustworthy clowns Johnson and Fabricant for even longer. Boris seems to have more lives than a cat. Lichfield voters seem to be unaware of how ridiculous they are made to look. Fabbo is deeply embarrassing to all Lichfeldians !!!

  18. If it was left to the people Boris would of gone days ago. On the news yesterday I just keeped watching lies coming out of conservative MP’s mouths. It was total rubbish. No we don’t want rid of him because of a cake. It’s because people were dieing in hospital alone with no loved ones. No covid wasn’t a big success there were so many failings. Giving millions of pounds of contracts to party fund givers. The conservatives are killing our NHS service it’s near collapsing. The ambulance service is near collapsing. Why are we seeing strikes again in the UK ? Boris is a total idiot and a lier. We can not trust him. He passed the laws for covid yet feels they didn’t apply to him just the public. We need rid of our MP too. we need rid of most of the MP’s after last night continus run of lies and untruths. They need to understand we have all had enough. We will end up having a people’s revolution like the USA did. Most of the public don’t want Boris and the sooner the conservatives face the facts the better. Let’s hope this is the begging of the end for him. We can not trust a blatant lier. He lied to the houses of parliament. There are photos and statements. He is lossing face with most of the public.

  19. I have just lifted my NEW BUE BAG( barely half full) out of my bin for the first time and the handle has come away so it can’t be carried! Perhaps the designer of this idiotic plan could get in his car and bring me a new one?

  20. John, I hope the “government” will now realise that they are so out of touch with the UK population and will now cease this inane buffoonery and childish behaviour and get down to actually running this country as they should. That said, I fear it may already be too late……….

  21. You’d do well to find yourself a significant other who looks at you the way Fabricant does Boris. Most marriages wouldn’t survive this circus.

  22. A number of MP’s voted based on their constituents views. A number have been promised funding for their local area, for their support. We could have received the funding for a new leisure centre.

    Instead of funding, we get an offensive tweet.

  23. Fabricant in one of his latest tweets suggests that it’s disgruntled MPs who were sacked or overlooked who voted against Boris!! Clearly he lives in a parallel UK News universe and has not realised why the majority of the British public (and still a minority of Tory MPs) want Boris out. His D Day tweet was disgraceful but nothing new for our infamous MP. Bring on the next election…

  24. Politically speaking, Alexander Johnson is a dead man walking, and our local MP is a toadying fool. That is all.

  25. I don’t believe the ever self-serving Fabbo has any intention of standing in the next election. His sole aim now is to get an honour from his more/less (it’s so hard to choose) useless boss so when he ‘retires’ he has something to fall back on. They both have no honour, no class, no understanding of the electorate, no decency.

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