Burntwood Household Waste Recycling Centre. Picture: Google Streetview
Burntwood Household Waste Recycling Centre. Picture: Google Streetview

Cameras will be installed at household waste recycling centres in Lichfield and Burntwood this year so people can see how busy they are before visiting.

It is hoped the move to stream live pictures online will help ease wait times and allow users to stagger their journeys and reduce queueing at peak times.

The initiative is part of an improvement programme unveiled by Staffordshire County Council after it ended a management contract with contractors and took over running the sites directly.

Cllr Simon Tagg, Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for environment, infrastructure and climate change, said:

“This is a large, complex operation which only closes three days a year and I am delighted by the smoothness of the return in-house.

“This will ensure we maintain the best service for residents and it also allows us to be sustainable and innovative at the same time.

“Improvements such as the installation of cameras that residents can view on their phone or on their laptop are all part of the process to encourage recycling.”

Cllr Simon Tagg, Staffordshire County Council

A report to be considered by the county council’s cabinet next week will hear that since returning the service to county council control, the number of lorries removing recycling from sites has increased, allowing more material to be accepted at household waste recycling centres.

Cllr Tagg added:

“Later this year we will be detailing investment for a significant improvement and maintenance plan for the years ahead.

“We want to make the household waste recycling centres sustainable for the future, encourage greater use now and make them able to deal with future demand from a growing population.”

Cllr Simon Tagg, Staffordshire County Council

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  1. Right, so people will keep an eye on the cameras, see its quiet then sprint on over only to find everyone else has been doing the same, so in fact it’s still busy when they get there. Am I the only one to see a flaw in this?

  2. I asked SCC earlier this week when the two unloading lanes were reopening as we are told only to use the middle lane which was kept clear before the pandemic. This cause big queues and vehicles with engines running whilst waiting. They passed my “comments” on so I have asked the question more bluntly this morning.

    The “busy times” can already be seen on the Council’s own website so I suspect the cameras are more likely to be for keeping an eye on the site.

    How long will someone have between seeing that the site is quiet and getting there – along with a dozen other people who saw that on their phone too!

  3. Of all the things in Lichfield and Burntwood that Staffs CC could spend money on and they choose cameras so people can see how busy the tips are before they leave home. Do they not realise (1) if residents will really check the CCTV before they decide to travel (2) residents then have to get in vehicles (after loading) before they travel, by which time wait times may well have changed. A farcical use of tax payers money in my opinion.

  4. What a complete and utter waste of money. Spend the money on improving access and returning the size to pre covid layout.

    Common sense really🤔🤔🤔

  5. Not sure which centre Cllr Simon Tagg uses, as Lichfield is closed on Monday and Tuesday each week, and yet he states “This is a large, complex operation which only closes three days a year””, if it was a 7 day operation it would be a lot less congested on the days it is open

  6. Why do people still have to pay for small amounts of rubble and over the last years all the site have been a mess at one time they did site inspection and the EA check on time supervisor spen on site

  7. What a perfect representation of their grasp on reality. The commercial tip in Lichfield, yes commercial, has streams of overloaded vans daily, it stinks now as well, 25mths of plastic barriers in the street when they could have painted a line, residents are sick of this and now they waste money on cameras that will achieve night but observe folk, move the tip. Please

  8. No one is ‘told to use the middle lane’ ! The staff who work there are trying their best to accommodate post pandemic demand, while also keeping themselves and the public safe in testing conditions. The installation and commissioning of video cameras gives everyone an extra option to the one they have now, use it and take your informed guess, or ignore it, but until you have a better idea, don’t knock it.

  9. The Lichfield site is too small and the lay out is crazy and congested. The lay out creates the queues. Put all the skips at the back and the sides and create lanes and parking bays to service.

  10. Why not be HONEST for a change?? Its so that anyone tipping out of hours can be prosecuted, which is fair as they shouldn’t do that sort of thing!! BUT DONT LIE ABOUT IT!! IF Interested in helping rubbish collection, then WHOEVER thought the blue bag idea out, SACK THEM!! And get a different colour bin to put cardboard in!! I’m disabled, and CAN’T bend down to put my cardboard in the bag, and I used to cut my boxes up, and place them in the blue bin, but CAN’T bend and do that, so where does the card go now?? In the BLACK BIN!! Completely stupid idea!!

  11. I believe that Lichfield recycling centre is situated in the wrong place.
    It sits just off a small traffic island that has 5 roads feeding onto it. Four of them feeders from large main roads, eg A51 & A38. That island is the cause of tremendous back up of traffic coming & going to/from both of these roads. Often you can sit in standing traffic for ages at busy times. To add to this you have traffic trying to get to the recycling centre, which backs out onto the main Birmingham road. It’s crazy.
    I say, it’s time either Staffs CC or LichfieldDC get together & find a place that is on the outskirts of Lichfield, with staff that operate there Seven days per week.
    It would also help because Lichfield has ginormous skips that you have to climb up steep ramps to use. Now retired, with walking problems, using a stick, I am no longer able to carry stuff, up steep ramps. The whole site is way too small with oversized skips & it’s time it was changed to be elsewhere & far more accessible, that does not cause such traffic problems.
    As to the cameras idea. Truth is – it’s bonkers. As others have pointed out, if anyone checked to see if it was empty so decided to go – so would others, & then would cause more problems.

    So, come on StaffsCC/LichfieldDC time to get a new site for our recycling centre.

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