Councillors are being urged to take action to safeguard and promote nature across Lichfield and Burntwood.

A meeting of Lichfield District Council’s cabinet today (7th June) will discuss proposals to make a Nature Recovery Declaration.

The move would see the local authority obligated to undertake “targeted actions which make a real difference to nature locally”.

A report to the cabinet said:

“Nationally, we face a nature crisis where wild species are in decline, habitats are being destroyed, and the UK is the most nature-depleted country in Europe.

“Climate change and nature recovery are inextricably linked – as many promising and effective solutions to the climate crisis are nature based solutions, which have the potential to bring in funding for the council.

“The Wildlife Trust is encouraging local authorities to make a commitment to nature’s recovery by implementing a Nature Recovery Declaration.

“There is more focus now on the climate and nature crisis than there has ever been, with mounting pressure on businesses, authorities and organisations to respond through recognition, commitment, and action.

“The declaration builds on momentum from COP26 and would place the council in a strong position to fulfil the aspirations and legal requirements of the new Environment Act, which became law in November 2021.

“Lichfield District Council has a reputation for being a leading authority in ecology and biodiversity net gain – and there is a desire to keep that notoriety.”

Report to the cabinet at Lichfield District Council

In 2019, the local authority commissioned the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust to complete a Nature Recovery Network map for the area.

The report added that a Nature Recovery Declaration would be a key step for the council.

“Only a handful of local authorities around the country have declared an ecological emergency, and by making this commitment – with cabinet’s endorsement – to support nature’s recovery, Lichfield is demonstrating leadership by recognising the urgency of the nature crisis.

“It is no longer enough to simply try and halt the decline of nature, but to try and reverse the decline, and increase species and habitat abundance.”

Report to the cabinet at Lichfield District Council

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  1. “Your having a laff”

    “Lichfield District Council has a reputation for being a leading authority in ecology and biodiversity net gain – and there is a desire to keep that notoriety.”

  2. “Lichfield District Council has a reputation for being a leading authority in ecology and biodiversity net gain – and there is a desire to keep that notoriety.”

    Notoriety – the state of being famous or well known for some bad quality or deed.


  3. L D C desire to keep notoriety yes! Building on every available green space, destroying hedges, felling trees etc. This leaves nowhere for hedgehogs, voles, birds and other wildlife to live. We should not have to accommodate all these people from other districts. Our Lichfield residents often have to buy properties in cheaper areas. Why cannot more houses be built on the many redundant brownfield sites in the Midlands? It’s all about money, it’s so much cheaper for developers to build in our beautiful countryside.

  4. The clowns (especially Cllr Ray and his labour mate) have just rejected a beautiful development on Claypit Lane of 6 detached houses full of character because all LDC want to see these days are high-density, little 2 bed box-shaped characterless terraced housing packed into green fields around Lichfield. Pack as many in as you can LDC, never mind anything looking attractive for our area or attracting people with resources to support the local economy!

  5. Chuckles. They destroy countless green fields for housing, no doubt occupied by various wildlife now want to do their part? Real question is, where do they plan on starting, as not a whole lot green left in the area.

  6. Well no one could not complain that they haven’t done their bit for masonry bees. Perhaps that explains all the new building (warehouses and housing) that covers the habitat of the ecology they are so passionate about.
    They should be ashamed of this proclamation.
    Except (Esellus) they are jobsworths, shame is another word they don’t know the meaning of.

  7. What Audacity?
    I have seen hedges netted to stop Birds Nesting. Hedgerows removed. Acres upon Acres of Greenfill site used for intense housing.HS2 creating a massive scar destroying everything in sight.
    Every living Wildlife creature fighting for survival. And still it goes on and on..What a disastrous legacy to leave for generations to come..,Heartbreaking.

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