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Police are trying to trace the owner of an air rifle after birds were killed and a window was smashed in Lichfield.

A number of incidents have been reported after birds were found dead on roads in Boley Park.

A homeowner has also reported a broken window, with police believing an air rifle is responsible.

PCSO Costas Karpi said:

“The birds were examined and the results were that they were most likely killed by air rifle.

“One property in this area also sustained a shattered window, again we suspect this was due to an air rifle pellet.

“It is illegal to have an airgun, loaded or not, whether in a secure case or not, in any public place without lawful authority to do so – the consequences could be very serious as to do so would risk committing an offence.

“The killing of these birds would also breach the general licence covering the lethal control of wild birds and could be an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.”

PCSO Costas Karpi, Staffordshire Police

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101.

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  1. The exact same thing occurred in the Christchurch area of Lichfield a few months ago. Dead birds and squirrels were found by my relative, the animals having been shot dead by an air rifle. My relative witnessed the person picking up the dead animals and confronted the person, asking them not to do it again. A neighbours window was also shot with an air rifle pellet causing it to shatter. The Police said they couldn’t do anything about the window due to lack of evidence. We reported the animal shootings to the Police who said they would investigate, but we heard nothing back. Has the offender moved to Boley Park?

  2. Animal cruelty can be a precursor to other crimes. If someone is prepared to inflict cruelty on defenceless creatures like birds and squirrels, it’s likely that they may target people too, with more serious and tragic consequences.
    I do hope the Police are taking note and giving this matter some priority.
    It is very concerning.

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