Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament
Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament

Prejudice is causing issues for families trying to access medical cannabis on the NHS, Lichfield’s MP has said.

Michael Fabricant made his comments after a discussion in the House of Commons on the issue.

The Conservative MP challenged Health Ministers on the accessibility of medicinal cannabis on prescription via the NHS.

Such treatments were legalised in 2018 where clinically available.

But Mr Fabricant said the NHS was struggling to supply medicinal cannabis.

“Young children are not getting this vital medicine on the NHS – Indeed some parents are having to pay £2,000 a month.

“In the last three years, only three prescriptions on the NHS have been issued. So how can we improve this situation?”

Michael Fabricant

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Patient Safety and Primary Care, Maria Caulfield, replied:

“My Honourable Friend has been campaigning for a long time on this issue, particularly for the sad tragic case of Vicky Clarke, who was his constituent.

“I have met with the All Party Parliamentary Group, we’ve had debates in this place and in Westminster Hall on this very issue – the key is getting those products licensed, and we have been in discussion with the MHRA about how to do this, and it is about gathering that evidence base.

“I am really pleased to say that NHS England and the National Institute for Health Research have only recently announced two clinical randomised control trials to try and build that evidence base to get more of these products licensed.”

Maria Caulfield

Mr Fabricant said a number of challenges needed to be overcome.

“The issue is not just getting some of these drugs approved, but having sufficient clinicians trained in this highly specialist area who feel themselves competent to prescribe these drugs. 

“The problem encountered by my constituents in Burntwood are beoing replicated in other parts of the country.

“Cannabis has been demonised across the board and this prejudice is causing some of the problems in getting it precribed on the NHS.

“We need to adopt a fresh approach and I will continue to pressure health ministers.”

Michael Fabricant

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  1. Like a stopped clock, he’s occasionally correct about stuff. Doesn’t make up for the many, many, many problematic things he does. And “occasionally correct” is far too low a standard for an acceptable MP.

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