The Chetwynd Bridge
The Chetwynd Bridge

An eight-month project to restore an historic bridge near Lichfield has begun.

The Chetwynd Bridge at Alrewas is 200 years old, but the ironwork structure has begun to deteriorate.

An 18-tonne weight restriction is being placed on the Grade II Listed bridge as restoration work takes places.

Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport, Cllr David Williams, said:

“Chetwynd Bridge is listed and a historic asset to people in Staffordshire. It has been in need of repair for some time and we’re now starting a programme of works to ensure it is safe to use and in keeping with its historic status.

“We want to keep local communities informed as we carry out the works which includes what we can and cannot do in terms of bridge access.

“The bridge has now had an independent structural assessment check which has indicated the need for a weight restriction. This should however exempt emergency vehicles and essential services. 

“We do of course understand this will place an inconvenience on local residents, but we cannot compromise safety.”

Cllr David Williams, Staffordshire County Council

Cllr Williams said longer term plans would look to restrict usage of the historic crossing.

“The county council is planning to remove all vehicular traffic from Chetwynd Bridge and put it onto the new bypass road bridge.

“This will transform Chetwynd Bridge into a cycle and pedestrian route and preserve it for future generations.”

Cllr David Williams, Staffordshire County Council

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  1. Why don’t the County Council get on with building the bypass bridge. Once that’s built and traffic can use the new bridge and then they can access what repairs need doing to the old bridge, which will now only carry walkers and cyclists. Why spend the money repairing the bridge for traffic, when in the long term it is not going to be used for traffic. Back to Front thinking by the council.

  2. The comment at the end of the article does not make sense.
    The Councillors proposal means the closure of a major road (trunk/primary) and that ALL the current traffic on the A513 from Rugeley and beyond to Tamworth including traffic from the A38 would go through Walton and then presumably along the highly unsuitable riverside route. And the “farmer” round trip remains!!!
    Madness. As he talks about the idea of using the new bridge and by- pass at Walton is he even aware that his officers are currently holding up progress on that?

    Frankly it is the responsibility of Staffs County Council to repair the bridge to a suitable standard or to erect a new bridge alongside the current one.


  3. The Council aren’t even paying for the new bridge, it is part of a deal the Council have made with house developers who are building in Walton. Why is ‘Chetwynd Bridge is listed and a historic asset’ if you tore it down and started again, nobody would care, it doesn’t bring tourism, nobody stops to admire the bridge, you cant anyway, you would need to go on private land to picture it, it’s not like Ironbridge for god’s sake…

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