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People are being urged to report missing or stolen drainage covers after a number of thefts.

Staffordshire Police say 32 were taken between 21st and 24th May, including some from Kings Bromley.

Chief Inspector Dave Wain said:

“The theft of gully covers is a serious issue that can cause real problems within local communities.

“We are currently pursuing a number of lines of enquiry and the investigation is very much ongoing to locate those carrying out these thefts.

“If anyone sees someone removing drain covers and the crime is in action, please report it to the police on 999. By reporting the crime whilst it’s taking place, we have a better chance of catching the criminals in action.”

Chief Inspector Dave Wain, Staffordshire Police

Cllr David Williams, from Staffordshire County Council, said the theft of covers left holes in roads and pavements which could cause an injury to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

“Stealing gully covers is incredibly dangerous and a serious issue that can cause real problems on the roads and injury to people.

“As well as the obvious risk to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, replacing covers also takes crews away from other duties, not to mention the extra costs to the council and local tax-payer.”

Cllr David Williams, Staffordshire County Council

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